What Is a Managed Virtual Hybrid Server?

A Hybrid Server combines the dedicated resources of a dedicated server with the benefits of a virtualized environment. It’s similar to a VPS, but it has significantly fewer tenants on the same node. Performance on a Hybrid Server is therefore much more stable than in a traditional VPS environment.

Hybrid Servers take a dedicated server and give a slice of the server to each user. As a Hybrid Virtual Server user, you will have root access to manage every aspect of the server, but you won’t have to pay as much as for a dedicated server as you are sharing it with other users.

You could host your own server, but that means no tech support. You’re entirely on your own if things go wrong, making an self-managed server risky for those who aren’t that tech-savvy.

That’s where a managed Hybrid Server comes in.

The 3 Types Of Managed Virtual Servers

There are three main types of Hybrid Servers – unmanaged, semi-managed, and fully-managed.


In an unmanaged server, every step of the system upkeep is up to you. You’ll have to install and maintain your own software. You’ll have to monitor your own security.

You’ll also have to manage your own updates manually when there are OS or script upgrades.


Semi-Managed servers include 24×7 monitoring and intervention in the event that a service goes offline. All other server management setup and tasks would be up to you.

Fully-Managed Virtual Servers

With 24/7 tech support, continual monitoring, and constant upgrades, ServerMania gives you the benefits of having a server, without having to host a whole team of staff to manage it.

Benefits of Managed Virtual Servers

Saving money is only one benefit of virtual servers. They also help companies be more scalable, more efficient, more productive, and more connected.

These are 5 benefits of managed virtual servers.

Cuts Costs

While saving money might not be the only goal of a Hybrid Server, it’s always an incentive in business. Managed Servers save money on physical infrastructure, less initial investment is required, and there’s less upkeep.

Saves Space

Hybrid Servers’ also free up what would otherwise be occupied by a dedicated physical server. In the constant struggle to streamline and optimize offices, this can be crucial.

Saves Money on Utilities

Not only do Hybrid Servers save space in your office, they’ll save on power and cooling costs as well.

Managed Virtual Private Servers Are Faster to Set Up

Hybrid Servers can be instantly deployed, saving you all the setup time that would normally be involved in configuring a server.

Less Downtime

Hybrid Servers include a 100% network uptime guarantee to ensure your website is online when your customers need it most.

Learn How to Help Your Business

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