What is a Cloud Dedicated Server?

If you’re using a traditional server in your office, you know that all your storage is hosted locally on a physical server.

A cloud dedicated server, on the other hand, operates, as its name implies, entirely on the cloud. Your storage exists in a secure data center on a robust network, giving you unparalleled flexibility and value.

Let’s look at a few of the benefits of cloud computing.


Small business owners know how to pinch a penny.This is a necessity, as most small businesses operate on razor-thin margins. This is what can make physical servers in an office so frustrating for small business owners.

The thing about a locally stored server is that you have to anticipate your storage needs, and then pay for them regardless of what those needs end up being. This means purchasing more and more hard drives as storage needs grow.

Most business owners will overestimate their needs to be safe, and end up paying for more space than they need. This is before factoring in hardware, servers, and the manpower needed to maintain everything.

By using a cloud system for your storage needs, you eliminate the need to pay for storage you aren’t going to use, since changing your storage needs is fast and easy. You also avoid the costs associated with physical hardware as we will handle all of that for you.


With a cloud dedicated server, the only thing you need to do when you want to upgrade (or downgrade) your storage needs is contact us. We’re here 24×7 to add, swap, or remove drives from your server.

This flexibility helps you stay ahead of the curve on up and coming technology, and ensures you have access to your data anytime, anywhere.


Gone are the days when it was only masked men raiding cash registers that businesses had to worry about. We live in a world where internet crime is a real threat to businesses.

Having a cloud server means having a dedicated security team keeping watch over the network and doing everything they can to protect your data. With comprehensive server management packages, your dedicated server is even more secure.


Having an IT department in your office has its perks, but with a cloud dedicated server, your server will have 24×7 support included for free.

A cloud server will come equipped with its own support team, constantly monitoring network performance and performing maintenance. As problems arise on a managed server, our team can immediately intervene and bring your server back online.

You are also looking at a team that is intimately familiar with the particulars of the system they are working in. No learning curve for an in-house team, just perfect support from day one.

That way, you can get back to running your business, while professionals take care of your hosting needs.


We live in a world where a company’s eco-consciousness is often as important to the consumer as performance. Consumers want to see businesses put in that extra effort to be good stewards of their resources. Who knew you coul ddo that with your data storage options?

By moving your data storage off a physical server in an office and into a green data center, you reduce your carbon footprint and can take advantage of cutting-edge ‘green technology”.

Wrapping Up

Our world is quickly moving away from physical servers in the corner of an office and into servers in sophisticated data centers. Keeping up with this movement means investigating how your business can benefit from the new cloud technologies.

Cloud computing keeps your data and applications safe and secure while ensuring your business needs are met with an excellent performance to cost ratio.

For more info on cloud servers and how they can work for your business, contact us today!