Small Business and Startup

Airbnb’s latest video “Wall and Chains” shows how you can use emotional content to connect with your audience.

Is social media helping you or your competitor?

We looked at why in today’s world of instant gratification, your company NEEDS to have an elevator pitch.

Matt Ehrlichman compares creating a startup to building a house and gives you a list of 9 tools you must have.

Are you prepared to handle online negativity the right way?

Murray Newlands wants you to tell your story about why your company helps people, not what a great widget you have.

Web Hosting & Web Development

Moodle released their latest update.

We look at the pros and cons of switching from your dedicated server solution.

Companies continue to invest in cloud technology.

Many entrepreneurs are offering encouragement with free-coding clubs for youth, under the guidance of active developers and experienced concept artists.

Do you know how often you should back up your data?

Because today’s mobile users have increasing expectations, you have to make sure that your mobile experience meets or exceeds users’ expectations.

General Tech

Microsoft released it’s biggest security patch in over a decade.

The New York Times simplifies the net neutrality debate.

Google released a tool to let you test and secure SSL.

There were a lot of search algorithm updates.

Rumors and speculation begin to swirl over why Apple is crawling the web.

We landed on a comet!

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