What is a Game Server?

Ever played a video game that loaded slowly, lagged, or dropped occasionally? We all have. No gamer finds that enjoyable. In comes a remote game server. ‘What is a game server?’ remains one of the most commonly asked questions. We will answer it in depth in this article.

As a gamer, you want to control and customize your gaming environment as much as possible when you play multiplayer games. Having a dedicated gaming server enables you to achieve just that. As a developer, having remote game servers that will provide you with important data and information about your players is a definite plus. Read on to learn more about what a game server is.

What is a Remote Gaming Server (RGS)?

Remote game servers (RGS) fuel online gaming. Remote game servers are engines that make it possible for you to play your favorite games. An easy way to understand how a remote gaming server works is by thinking of it as the server you as the player interact with when gaming through a third-party gaming platform. This remote game server allows players to play seamlessly and also have access to their results. The gaming servers you use will have a huge impact on your gaming experience. For this reason it is important to choose the right server.

With a remote game server, a single integration grants you access to an extensive library of features. It is also possible to play on mobile phones, tablet devices, or desktops. So, how do gaming servers work to improve a game’s features? Remote gaming servers allow for different kinds of games, provide promotional features designed to incentivize players, and sometimes use wide-ranging jackpot solutions.

Why do you need a game server?

Great performance

Ensuring that your gaming server is fitted with the latest hardware and a stable internet connection provides a guarantee that your games will not crash.

Managing High Traffic

Your experience will not be affected regardless of the number of players connected to a gaming server. You could also change your settings to limit the number of players so that there is no overcrowding, or load-balance with a second dedicated server. Technical support is also present 24/7 to help you deal with any problems that could be encountered when playing your game.

Solid infrastructure

Tier 3 and 4 data centers are furnished with a backup generator to ensure your experience is not affected by power outages. At the same time, there are cooling systems to make sure that all the infrastructure is working as it should.

High Level of Security

When playing using a gaming server, you are assured of high security. This is because you have full control of the security features, programs, and hardware that you use. Only the admin has virtual access to the server’s terminal. Most companies that deal with gaming servers put a lot of emphasis on cybersecurity.

Incorruptible files

When using remote game servers, you will never have to deal with corrupt files. Syncing is usually automatic and all progress is stored in real-time. As such, you can always pick up your video game from where you left it.

What are the differences between a dedicated gaming server and a remote gaming server?

While both a dedicated gaming server and a remote gaming server provide great performance, remote servers offer more features and flexibility. Different servers are supported by a single server software update. Game server providers are committed to providing the best experience to all the gamers in their network.

A remote server is also a great option for small-time gamers since they get to benefit from shared resources as opposed to having to pull in a lot of resources to purchase and improve their own dedicated server.

Dedicated servers allow for custom installation of programs based on your needs, making it possible to download the third-party applications to improve your gaming experience. Since it is possible to optimize dedicated servers to handle more traffic, these kinds of servers are ideal for games that have spikes in usage.

Remote servers come with capable management support but the client has no control over the game server. Some salient features are required in the management of remote gaming servers compared to the running of dedicated servers. Dedicated servers also deal with a single server, whereas remote hosting handles numerous and diverse kinds of servers.

As the administrator of a dedicated server you will have complete control over the server. This requires considerable knowledge about its operation. This know-how will enable you to efficiently manage it.

In terms of reliability, remote servers are more reliable given that they are redundant and can quickly be switched over to another one. This means that gamers in a multiplayer game do not experience any downtime.

When it comes to a dedicated game server, a failure or collapse in the system can bring down the entire system since only a single server is used.

In terms of security, it is difficult to breach a single server in a dedicated system. With remote servers, there are many points of weakness that hackers can take advantage of.

The option of customization does not exist when it comes to remote servers. However, other applications and tools may be integrated if deemed necessary. Various important resources are also alternated between customers depending on what each one of them demands.

Dedicated servers, on the other hand, allow for complete customization based on user needs. It is important to note that integration costs extra when it comes to dedicated servers.

When choosing between remote and dedicated game servers, it is also important to explore the issue of scalability. With remote server hosting, you are able to change or scale resources based on your needs.

Your hosting provider will provide options for storage space. Changing storage when using a remote server is convenient: it does not result in sites going offline and it is also not time-consuming.

For a dedicated server, the storage space is greatly limited by the number of direct-attached storage (DAS) devices when the system is initially built and configured.

Remote servers allow for seamless migration to other storage devices on the network, whereas with dedicated servers, maintenance has to be scheduled, resulting in downtime.

Another important difference is that remote servers are billed monthly whereas dedicated gaming servers only accrue extra costs for power and when an upgrade is required. Before choosing a server, be clear on what your needs are; then use the pointers above to make the right decision.

futuristic bitcoin graphic

One of the main trends in answering the question of ‘How do game servers work?’ is the use of bitcoin to power remote gaming servers. Blockchain has revolutionized numerous industries, gaming notwithstanding.

Blockchain powers remote gaming servers leading to a more integrated and smooth gaming experience. Moving to bitcoin for remote gaming servers presents a lot of advantages for game players, operators, and developers.

How does Bitcoin serve multiplayer computer games via remote and dedicated gaming servers

For gaming content to be delivered, a remote gaming server is integrated into an operator platform. The online games are delivered by the remote servers, as opposed to integrating individual games one by one.

This strategy allows a remote game server to collect huge amounts of the entire game and game clients data. It is this data that is then used to improve online games. Some of the data that is collected includes players’ interactions with the games, the games played, how often players are winning or losing, and how much they are willing to spend. This data could further be narrowed down to more specific details like geolocation and demographic information.

With this data, developers are bound to make informed changes and updates on the games played. Smart remote gaming servers help game developers provide players with great gaming experiences.

Any interaction with a remote gaming server acts as an important chance to acquire important data and information. At the same time, a dedicated gaming server could similarly be powered by blockchain. You can also buy a dedicated server with bitcoin at ServerMania.


Definitely try using a remote gaming server if you want to change your gaming experience. Dedicated servers are a great and reliable way to get the most from multiplayer online video games.

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As a remote and dedicated gaming server provider, our support team is always available to provide guidance on the server that best suits the needs of your multiplayer games.