Cloud Infrastructure

VPS would not have been possible without cloud technology, which has made computing and processing on the cloud, very cost-effective. This provides for very cheap VPS. Having a cloud server or cloud VPS brings with it many benefits that would have been out of reach for SMBs in the past.

Having a VPS in the cloud is much different than owning your own custom dedicated server. With a server, you have to pay for the hardware, the software, often purchasing licenses, and worrying about storage and other possible concerns.

Cloud provides reliability at the most affordable price.

Benefits of VPS Vietnam Hosting

Offering VPS services has become a way for businesses to earn new revenue by offering web hosting and other services to new and existing customers. Nowhere has this become more popular than in Vietnam.

Your starting point is knowing the type of services you plan to offer or require. There are a great many items to consider when choosing a host for your virtual machine.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing VPS Vietnam Hosting

You may be fixed on an Intel Xeon or you may require blazing fast download speeds, auditing your requirements is a must. Here is a checklist to help you determine exactly what VPS solutions you require:

  1. Technical Support – Are you more hands-on? Do you require partial root access? Full root access? Do you know your operating system requirements? Do you plan to run Linux or Windows? How many dedicated IP addresses do you need?
  2. Customer Support – What SLA uptime are you looking for? Do they offer 24/7 service with little delay?
  3. Data Security and Failure – What level of security do you want? What measures do you require for DDOS protection? Do you require a Raid 1 or a Raid 10? What measures are necessary to keep your data safe?
  4. Bandwidth and Speed – Do you require unlimited bandwidth and faster speeds?
  5. Volume – What volume of data are you processing?

Technical Support

Your web hosting provider should have the in-depth technical knowledge to help determine many of the items that we have mentioned above. When looking to Vietnam for VPS hosting, one automatically thinks “Cheap VPS Vietnam”, but that does not necessarily equate to cheap VPS service.

A strong VPS partner will walk you through all of the technical aspects of your server project, whether you need partial root access, full root access or merely control panel access.

There are several operating systems to choose from, each having different features and benefits. The two most common include Linux and Windows. Linux is open-source software, whereas Windows is not. More often, open-source communities can respond to issues and security threats faster than windows due to the nature of the open-source community. Patches and software development at companies like Microsoft and Google tend to come slower than open source.

Depending on whether you are running a single domain or more, you will require at least dedicated IP. But if you are running more than one, you may require more. Some providers charge per IP, while others include several in their VPS plans. The same is true for your domain’s SSL certificate. Many providers will include renewals for your customers in your hosting plan at no extra charge, while others do not.

Customer Care

A professional provider will set you up with a web hosting plan that suits your needs and the needs of your customers at an affordable price. But what about after you are set up and running? What if there is a failure event or your users are reporting latency concerns? This is why you want to research your provider and understand your SLA Uptime agreement.

Data Security and Failure

The security, privacy and integrity of your data are paramount and you want your users to feel secure in their decision in doing business with you. Protecting your website and data against things like DDOS attacks and service outages could not be more important.

When you choose your Vietnam provider, ensure that they have measures to address redundancy. A RAID configuration will store your data over multiple storage drives to create a single storage system that improves your overall storage efficiency but also protects against drive failure.

Bandwidth and Speed

Your users, whether in Vietnam or across the globe will expect reliability and quick download speeds, choosing a plan for your web server that includes unlimited bandwidth could go a long way. Find out what options you have from your host, it could be 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps. What do you need?

Volume of Data

You could be hosting video, processing transactions, providing SaaS services but it all comes down to data. You need to be sure that your VPS server can process the data you expect, without issue.

Best VPS Hosting Providers in Vietnam

CMC Telecom

CMC Telecom is the first Premier Partner of Google Cloud in Vietnam and an Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS. They claim seamless infrastructure, and offer professional integrated service packages.


  • 9 data centers
  • A heavy emphasis on customer support
  • Committed to the highest stand of infrastructure
  • Provides integrated telecommunication and IT services


  • Concerns about poor network speeds
  • Only 3 reviews on Google

Google Review: 3.9

Groove Technology

Groove Technology is an award-winning technology and software company, and Microsoft Gold Partner. In addition to being a leader in software consulting, they also offer affordable, secure hosting services to scale.


  • Offers 360 IT consulting services from data analytics to big commerce
  • All Google Reviews are 5 star
  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Award-winning services


  • Only 7 Google Reviews

Google Review: 5.0

Host VN

Host VN has been in operation for 14 years and claims to have earned the trust of 50,000 customers and has a staff of 40 people. They offer a variety of hosting services from dedicated servers to software licensing to VPS.


  • Claim to use pioneering technology with a heavy emphasis on security
  • Has an established clientele of SMBs and large-scale enterprise
  • Offer 24/7/365 customer support
  • 99.9 SLA uptime


  • No Google reviews


123Host claims to be the number one hosting provider in Vietnam, offering a variety of services designed to process your data fast and securely.


  • All of their hosting plans come with unlimited bandwidth and Litespeed technology that they say helps to accelerate websites 6 times
  • They offer a 2-layer firewall system that is supposed to help the websites to be more stable and secure
  • They have a range of anti-attack software with DDOS Protection, malware scanning and more.


  • They have a few poor reviews around customer service

Google Review: 4.0

Tino Host

Tino Host started as a web design company before moving into hosting in 2019. They now boast more than ten thousand satisfied hosting clients.


  • They provide a 99% SLA uptime guarantee
  • 24/7/365 customer support and free data transfer
  • Free data transfer
  • Offers 100% refund


  • N/A

Google Review: 4.4

BK Host

BK Host is one of the larger providers in Vietnam and is an award-winning hosting solutions firm. They have many large-name clients, glowing testimonials and 24/7 customer support. Like most hosting providers, they offer dedicated servers, cloud VPS, server migration and web design.


  • Claims to have thousands of satisfied customers
  • Rated 9.1 on Hosting Foundry
  • 128 Google reviews
  • Excellent technical support
  • Offer a wide range of packages and services


  • A few complaints about weak service quality

Google Review: 4.8


Like most countries, Vietnam has its fair share of hosting solutions providers, offering affordable VPS servers to businesses small and large alike. Larger players like CMC Telecom and BK Host offer everything you need, but often with larger organizations, smaller companies could get left behind and have to wait for extended periods on hold or for your ticket to be addressed.

Tino Host started small as a web design agency before growing their hosting division and seem to genuinely care for their clients. 123Host seems to offer a lot of value for a low price, while also offering everything you could need from a hosting provider.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to start a VPS business from Vietnam and are looking for a partner, or you are simply looking for a reliable hosting solutions firm for your business or project, then book your free consultation with one of our experienced data center professionals today. Hosting in Canada has its benefits.

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