Tomcat vs TomEE: What is Tomcat (Apache Tomcat) – The Lightweight Web Server

Apache Tomcat is, most of the time, the preferred choice for new and small businesses. Here is why… For starters, it is efficient and and picks up speed faster than most servers out there. Imagine you have a Java web application, and you need a server to host it. You look for super fast speed and efficiency; Tomcat does this.

Yes, developers prefer to use Tomcat, and the ServerMania Cloud offers an easy marketplace deployment for this web server.  It can handle Servlets and JSP like they’re nothing. Whether you’re building a simple website or a complex web app, Tomcat’s got your back. So, is Tomcat a web server or an application server? This is a question that a lot of people ask. However, the answer is simple; Tomcat is a web server.

One of the things that makes Tomcat so charming is its simplicity. Setting it up is a breeze – even if you’re not a seasoned tech wizard. Just a few configurations here and there, and you’re good to go. Who said web hosting had to be complicated?

Tomcat doesn’t hog resources like some other heavyweight servers out there. It focuses more on the request without leaving huge logs and junk files. So, if you’re working in an environment with limited memory or processing power, Tomcat’s the champion you need to carry out requests.

While Tomcat may not be a full-blown Java EE application server, it still packs a powerful punch. It supports essential Java EE technologies, making it ideal for startups and small and medium-sized projects. And yes, it is open-source, which means it’s free to use. Now, you can save those dollars for something else.

Tomcat vs TomEE: What is TomEE (Apache TomEE) – The Java EE Certified Container

Now, you are probably wondering what this Java EE talk is all about? How does it function? What makes it better? Java EE is always the favorite pick for top software engineers that build large applications. Let’s get into it.

Java EE stands for Java Enterprise Edition – it is like the platform for building robust, scalable applications with an enterprise-upgraded system. TomEE is the certified container that brings that whole Java EE package to the system.

Imagine complete access to all the great features from technologies like Enterprise JavaBeans (apache openwebbeans EJB), Java Transaction API (Apache Tomcat JTA), and more. Apache TomEE is like the full suite of Java EE specifications, which makes it the perfect choice for large and scalable projects.

However, that’s not all. There’s more. Java EE certified means that TomEE has passed all kinds of tests and meets the requirements of the industry, which is why the other 52% of Java engineers use this product. It has gained the approval of the industry, ensuring your applications run smoothly and are future-proofed.

While TomEE is a powerful container system, it can be more complex to set up than its lightweight replica, Tomcat. However, reading up on this technology could help you get it up and running in no time.

Tomcat vs TomEE: TomEE Versions

  • Apache TomEE 8.0.15 (July 2023)
  • Apache TomEE 8.0.8 (September 2021)
  • Apache TomEE 7.1.1 (June 2019)
  • Apache TomEE 7.1.0 (September 2018)
  • Apache TomEE 7.0.5 (July 2018)
  • Apache TomEE 7.0.4 (September 2017)
  • Apache TomEE 7.0.3 (March 2017)
  • Apache TomEE 7.0.2 (November 2016)
  • Apache TomEE 7.0.1 (June 2016)
  • Apache TomEE 7.0.0 (May 2016)
  • Apache TomEE 1.7.4 (March 2016)

TomEE vs Tomcat: Comparison Based on Features

FeatureApache TomcatApache TomEE
ConfigurationEasyComplex but easy-to-understand.
PerformanceLightweightHeavier but worth the weight.
LicensingOpen Source components and Licensed.Open Source components and Licensed.
DeploymentManual Deployment.Manual Deployment.
ResourcesLow FootprintHigh resource consumption.
Enterprise SupportLimited SupportFull suite Enterprise-grade.
ClusteringLimited SupportPremium Support.
Java EELimited to Servlet and Java Server Pages.Full Java EE support with apache openwebbeans EJB and Servlet, and more.
TypeWeb Server and Java Servlet.Java EE including servlet and Enterprise JavaBeans.

TomEE vs Tomcat: FAQs

Q1 : When should I consider Apache TomEE?

For larger and more complicated applications that require the full range of Java EE features. TomEE is the way to go if you want sophisticated functionality like as EJBs, JTA, and other Java EE requirements.

Q2: Can I host TomEE and Tomcat on ServerMania?

Server Mania has the resources to host all kinds of servers, including for both small, medium, and large-scale enterprises. ServerMania offers affordable hosting services for the deployment of Tomcat servers. 

Q3: Is Tomcat a web server or an application server?

Apache Tomcat is a web server and can be hosted on a cloud hosting server like the ones at SeverMania. ServerMania has one of the best cloud hosting services on the market, and deployment tools in Tomcat versions can easily sync with ServerMania hosting containers like Jenkins.


Both Tomcat and TomEE are excellent choices. However, it depends on your size of business needs and the complexity of your application. ServerMania can hold all types of servers in web servers like Tomcat and Tomee, including enterprise-grade features. ServerMania cloud hosting is a viable and flexible option for hosting TomEE and Tomcat web servers, offering scalability, high availability, cost-effectiveness, and global reach. Contact ServerMania to ensure you get affordable hosting and a reliable experience!