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The Importance of Email Aliases and Adding Email Accounts in Plesk 10.2

Managing your email is not always a simple task. Having a good spam filter in place and using an anti-virus software can go a long way to make sure you are protected from a lot of the garbage on the Internet today. If you are someone that subscribes to a lot of RSS blog feeds, email newsletters, or anything similar, you may want to look into using Email aliases to help managing subscriptions and spam.

What is an email alias?

Email aliases are simply other names (or aliases) for your primary email account. For example, if your email is firstname@yourdomain.com, you could add several aliases including firstname.lastname@yourdomain.com, finitiallastname@yourdomain.com, etc. Aliases are a great way to add additional email addresses without having to manage another set of username and passwords.

Using Aliases for Subscriptions

Using email aliases when subscribing to blogs and e-newsletters, or even ordering online is a great way to minimize your spam. Simply create a new alias for each of the sites you subscribe to or each of the forums you are a member of. The benefit to this is once you decide to unsubscribe, you can delete the email alias to ensure you no longer receive emails from them.

Also, you’ll be able to identify which (if any) sites or services are selling off your email by seeing what alias gets spammed after you join the service. Instead of using your primary email address for every website or service, consider using aliases for effective to minimize the potential headache of spam.

Here is a quick video demo of adding email accounts in Plesk 10.2 and managing email aliases.

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Justin Blanchard

Justin Blanchard

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