1. Optimize the Performance of Customer Facing Applications

Have you ever tried to get to the website of a company you rely on, and after ten seconds or so, when their website doesn’t surface on your browser? Your first thought is that the business has closed. Then, maybe they were hacked, or just don’t have the capacity to keep their systems running. Even though it might be a browser conflict, or an internet outage beyond the company’s control, your first instinct is likely to question a company’s integrity.

If you contract with a reliable, experienced hosting company like Server Mania, you can be assured that your web facing applications will be monitored, maintained and be available around the clock, throughout the year. The sole focus of our Support team is keeping data available for our customers, and making the supporting infrastructure behind it as fast, reliable and secure as possible.

2. Keep the Bad Guys Out of Your Data

Hackers, just like many criminals, are very opportunistic for the most part. Though the cyber security headlines are about hacks of large companies causing millions of dollars of damage, or the identity theft of thousands of customer records. Yet small businesses are often targeted by hackers as well, as they are perceived to have more vulnerable security perimeters.

Our hosting network security is certified against some of the strictest industry standards, such as PCI and SAS70 Type II. Our Network Operations Center is standing by to react and block any attempts to bypass our defenses. We also have partnered with RioRey to mitigate against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. By stopping security disasters before they occur, we not only preserve your data and that of your customers, but also the fallout of long lasting damage to your company’s image. We also have redundant power and telecommunication services available with dedicated server plans.

3. Have You Ever Had One of Those Days?

If you have ever been working with your website or database application, and accidentally deleted hours or days of work, it won’t take a lot of convincing to help you appreciate the value of dedicated server backup services. We manage our own backup facility, and you can quickly retrieve a historical copy of your web application yourself, likely before any customer, investor, or employee realizes there was an issue.

Don’t let your customers arrive on your domain and find an “Under Construction” page where your web application should be. Just like with insurance, a seatbelt or a smoke alarm, you never realize how valuable backup services are until you need them. The time it would take you to manually recover your data, and potentially irreparable damage to your reputation which data loss can do makes backup services a bargain at Server Mania prices!

4.  Contracting Web Hosting is Like Having a Tech Savvy Friend

Imagine you are an IT Manager, and your boss opens your door on Tuesday and says, “Simpson, we just acquired another company, and we need to move their Linux systems on to a server we control. You can do that by Friday, right?”

Instead of choking on your sandwich, you can call Server Mania for reliable, stress free Ubuntu services. Even if you are relatively new to Linux, we chose Ubuntu because it is easy to use, stable and reliable. Our Support Fleet can help you make the application transition to our environment fast, without the damage to your image which can occur with data loss. Your clients and executives will be impressed with the seamless data migration, and you will be glad you chose to partner with a hosting partner that is secure and reliable enough to offer a 100 percent uptime SLA.

The Server Mania team knows the value of a company’s reputation as a factor in its short and long term success. The safety and availability of your data and content has a direct impact on our reputation as a hosting services provider. Our data centers across the USA ensure we have the flexibility, security and bandwidth to satisfy the content consumption needs of your clients, employees, partners and investors. We’ll keep your applications running at peak performance, so you’ll share the news of your satisfaction with your business associates.