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Slashing Prices For Bulk And Wholesale Server Hosting By 25%

For a decade and a half, we’ve prided ourselves on providing the best in server hosting. We work hard to build and manage infrastructure that supports thousands of businesses. Our support is second to none — we’re always happy to go above and beyond so our clients get what they need, when they need it.Our hosting services include — at no additional cost — extras that help our clients stay secure and available, including our cutting-edge enterprise DDoS protection.

In recent years, the hosting industry has changed. Competition is stiffer than ever. Cloud and traditional hosting providers compete on price rather than quality of service, pushing the burden of support onto customers in exchange for lower costs, while shrinking hosts’ margins to a razor’s edge. As a consequence, the quality and responsiveness of support across the hosting industry has crumbled. Every day we hear the stories of clients who have chosen to move their hosting to ServerMania because of their poor experience with our competitors.

We’re unwilling to compromise the quality of the services we offer to reduce costs — we’ve seen where that approach has taken other hosting providers (many of whom are no longer in business).

However, ServerMania is capable of offering the same level of service and commitment, while remaining competitive on price.


Today, we’re announcing new bulk pricing plans that will bring our prices in line with the rest of the industry for clients with the most stringent hosting needs. We’re offering up to 25% percent discounts on bulk and wholesale server hosting orders. Organizations who need large server deployments will benefit from all the support and hosting features that our clients have come to know and love, at a lower cost.

Our bulk and wholesale pricing is perfect for server users with extensive server deployments, particularly hosting resellers, cloud infrastructure providers, SaaS application developers, big data analytics applications, and any other scenario that relies on large amounts of compute and storage power. And, in contrast to most of the hosting industry, lower doesn’t doesn’t mean reduced service. Our expert and experienced support staff stand ready to help.

Clients with large deployments can take advantage of all the features of the ServerMania hosting platform — a cutting-edge DDoS protection system with custom rules capable of filtering every known type of DDoS attack, enterprise-class data centers with redundant network connectivity to multiple Tier 1bandwidth providers, a 100% Uptime SLA, and a round-the-clock support fleet.

ServerMania’s bulk and wholesale hosting pricing offers clients the best of both worlds: competitive pricing and unbeatable quality.

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Chris Niedojadlo

Chris Niedojadlo

Chris Niedojadlo is the COO of ServerMania.