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Setting up an Eggdrop

The Short Short Version

Follow this quick guide to installing Eggdrop:

  1. SSH to your shell.
  2. Download eggdrop-latest.tar.gz with the command:
    wget ftp://ftp.eggheads.org/pub/eggdrop/source/eggdrop-latest.tar.gz
  3. Type: tar zxvf eggdrop-latest.tar.gz
  4. Change dir to the extracted installation directory
  5. Type: ./configure
  6. Type: make config
    (compiles all modules) or make iconfig (allows you to select the modules to compile).
  7. Type: make && make install DEST=/home/name/botdir
  8. Switch to the botdir and edit the sample config file eggdrop.conf, then rename it to something appropriate (e.g. botnick.conf).
  9. Type ./eggdrop -m