Quick Facts About Our Server Clusters

  • Processing power is the backbone of our server clusters and we have a wide range of high-end AMD Ryzen and EPYC servers worldwide to support all of your server cluster requirements.
  • Junipers are robust, cutting edge hardware switches that ensure the most stable load-balancing in the industry. Pair them with your virtual switch and you’ve got it all.
  • ServerMania has partnered with several companies that utilize server clusters. Find out more about the companies we work with in our Case Studies section.

About ServerMania

ServerMania has been a leader in hosting and server solutions since 2002. With its highly experienced operations and engineering team and history of global datacenter management and services, it has remained a contender in the industry for over two decades.

We believe in “Hosting Empowered” and are dedicated to serving our customers. By listening to the needs and wants of the businesses that partner with us, we can better improve our product offerings and overall customer satisfaction, every day.