We’re excited to announce the launch of the ServerMania Cloud app, an easy to use application for your iOS or Android device which empowers you to monitor and manage your cloud services with ease.

With more and more business owners and administrators taking their work on the go, we wanted to give you the tools you need to easily monitor and manage aspects of your cloud services on your mobile device. The ServerMania Cloud app gives you complete control over cloud monitoring at your fingertips.

Cloud App Overview

This application allows ServerMania cloud customers to:

  • Login to your Servermania powered clouds and see statistics
  • View account based logs
  • Convert  backup to template
  • Create backup for virtual servers
  • Destroy  backups
  • See  backups
  • View IP addresses assigned to own virtual servers
  • Update virtual servers
  • View networks
  • Create a new template
  • View templates
  • View virtual server statistics
  • View  disks
  • Auto-backup  disks
  • Manage power action on own virtual servers

Note: The app is designed for monitoring already created cloud instances. For the creation and full management of servers, we recommend using the desktop application.

Key Features

Connect to the console

Resize a server

View usage information

Getting Started

Check out our Knowledge Base article for details on getting started with the ServerMania Cloud app!