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Quick tip to reduce spam: optimizing Spam Assassin

We would like to introduce the first of our weekly tips to reduce the amount of spam you receive. From client-side filtering to server-side tweaking, we will show you how you can reduce the amount of spam you receive in your inbox on a weekly basis.

The first tip starts with optimizing Spam Assassin, a popular spam filter used mainly in Plesk hosting environments. Instead of boring you with text, we decided to put together a quick demo video on how to optimize the Spam Assassin’s spam sensitivity to increase the number of spam it catches.

The main takeaway here is that normal emails typically score between a 0 and 1. This means that the default sensitivity, 7, is very high and is likely to miss a lot of spam email. Most email that gets flagged as a 3 and above are typically spam and therefore by lowering the sensitivity, we allow Spam Assassin to catch and flag more spam.

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Justin Blanchard

Justin Blanchard

Justin Blanchard is the CMO of ServerMania.