The Shocking Truth About Server Security at the Ballistic Missile Defense System

When IT professionals hear that criminals have hacked a company’s network via a trivial exploit, we wonder why the victim didn’t have basic security precautions in place. In most cases, businesses aren’t compromised through imaginative social engineering or ingenious and complex multi-layer attacks against hardened defences.

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How to Improve Endpoint Security in 7 Easy Steps

Administrators control the software installed on their servers and its configuration, but they don’t control endpoints, the devices on which software is used and data is accessed. As client-server software delivery models grew in popularity, particularly Software-as-a-Service, endpoint security became increasingly important. But server admins can’t guarantee endpoint security given the vast array of devices that might be used to access software and users’ lack of security awareness.

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GDPR Was Just The Beginning: Why The Next Big Thing In Tech Is Data Privacy

GDPR Was Just The Beginning: Why The Next Big Thing In Tech Is Data Privacy

It’s been 8 months since GDPR came into effect. Whether through a flood of ill-advised emails or having to click through extensive, updated privacy policies, users the world over have already felt its impact. Businesses have too – and not always in a positive way.

Many organizations still aren’t compliant, and it’s unclear if or when they will be. Some news agencies and organizations have even taken the (honestly pigheaded) approach of completely disallowing European users from accessing their sites. Others have made it so their services are impossible to access without consenting to data collection and analysis – Facebook among them.

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Introducing the Redesigned ServerMania Customer Experience

2019 is ramping up to be a busy year for ServerMania, and we are excited to introduce a completely redesigned client experience to you. We have recently upgraded our Dedicated Servers pricing page, order form, and client management control panel Surge and we’d like to introduce some of the key functionality to you so that you can make the most of your hosting experience with ServerMania

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Low-Latency Connectivity Now Available in New Zealand

We’re proud to announce the addition of a brand-new data center to our expanding global network. After consulting with clients to determine where ServerMania should expand to next, we received overwhelming support for a location that can deliver clients with low-latency connectivity throughout the Asia-Pacific region, including New Zealand, Australia, and Southeast Asia.Read More

Introducing The Intel Xeon Scalable Series

We’re proud to announce that ServerMania has two huge new additions to our hardware portfolio – Intel’s revolutionary Xeon Scalable Processors. Available immediately to our dedicated hosting clients, the Intel Xeon Silver 4114 and Xeon Gold 5118 will replace the Dual E5-2630v4 and Dual E52650v4. Let’s talk a bit about what this means – and how you might leverage our new tech for your own business.Read More