Increase Ad Engagement

Getting the attention of a game player, video viewer or other mobile user means getting your “hook” early and sinking it deep. The best mobile ads, just as with other traditional advertising media, include characteristics or attributes like:

  • Videos which tell a compelling story, either focussed on the product being promoted, or explaining key messaging from your brand
  • If you can afford it, connect a celebrity, popular music, or other theme into your ad which incites an emotional response from your viewer. Kate Upton doesn’t work on the  cheap!
  • Interactivity – give the viewer of the advertisement a chance to get into the driver’s seat of your ad. Some mobile ads are allowing the users to choose the outcome of a video sequence. If you can make the simulated use of your product result in a positive outcome, and not using it results in a “not-so-happy ending”, you can win your prospects over.
  • More funny, more money – Mobile ads with an ironic twist, a winning catch phrase or a knee slapper of some kind can help your ad go viral, increase engagement and make your ad more memorable. Instead of mobile ad impressions which get fast forward or ignored, viewers will stick around for a laugh and thank your ad for a little levity in their day.

Mobile Calls To Action

Whether you are looking to get your audience to download your app, click on your landing page link, or call your 800 number, getting a mobile conversions to paid customers means providing clear, simple methods for your audience. A clear “Book Now” or “Click-to-Call” button takes up very little space, but is more effective than providing a phone number or other “passive” invitation for a user to go to your physical or online store to take action. Taking as much of the thought process out of your call to action as possible can increase your conversions. Make the size, colour and wording of “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” buttons bold, unique and concise.

For big ticket items, this “hard sell” approach isn’t as effective. Have your mobile ads invite your audience to learn more about your product on a focused landing page on your website. Have your mobile friendly landing page welcome the user from the source page, and where it makes sense, tailor the content of the landing page based on the content of the website they connected from.

Optimizing on Limited Ad Real Estate

If you are working with a mobile display ad, you want every pixel to count. If your brand isn’t a

household name, focus more on getting users to react to your products or services, and leave your company name off the banner. If you can squeeze in a logo, or match the colouring of the advertisement to your website for continuity. If your brand is a compelling enough trigger for users to take action to find out more, swap out the focus on the CTA to focus on your product or company name.

Create a Sense of Urgency

When you are trying to connect with an audience on a mobile device, create a compelling reason to act now! If your ad contains a “mobile only” discount on a product or service, it can help to move more products, and test the effectiveness of your mobile ad targeting as well. Don’t leave it to fate for your audience to move on to an article or take action – instill the fear of missing out on a great deal or opportunity!

Since mobile users aren’t chained to a desktop, or burdened by a laptop, mobile marketing for your business means making the most of a small space to incite emotion, evoke curiosity, and stimulate excitement about your products or services.

Contracting the services of an effective digital agency is the difference between turning mobile ads into a goldmine for your business, or wasting your time and money on marketing which gets overlooked and can’t convert!