The price advantages of a server cluster

We’re starting to see increased demand for the next generation of network infrastructure, technology, and cloud applications. These newer networks will be built with improved scalability and redundancy in mind and will support increased users, traffic, software connectivity requirements, security and speedy access to services around the world.

Server Cluster Cloud Resources

Building a server cluster yields several advantages over a regular data center server, such as improved scalability, high availability, increased reliability, and redundancy, for example. By grouping two or more dedicated or virtual servers into a cluster and adding the cluster to your existing cloud infrastructure, you are essentially creating a hybrid cloud environment that will improve your content delivery network capacity, allow your company to scale applications or build new mobile applications quickly.

The advantage of building a server cluster or cloud network is that you can scale either of these solutions to meet your needs. You will also get a pricing scheme that reflects the actual cost of services you use, instead of paying the fixed costs associated with a bare metal dedicated server that you may not fully utilize every given month.

ServerMania packages and deals

Our Montreal data center is our flagship Canadian location, offering server clusters starting at $538/month for 1 Gbps @ 40 TB Bandwidth. This price is part of a packaged deal that includes two of our most powerful servers clustered along with edge devices (like a private switch) and blazing fast bandwidth at an exclusive entry level price.

Find out more about our server cluster packages or book a free consultation to discuss custom bandwidth pricing. We will generate fair and actual pricing for the bandwidth you use. Don’t assume you will get this from any other hosting business. Do your analysis and compare our services with others today. We’re certain you won’t be disappointed in our pricing.

High Speed Mobile Carriers/ Internet Services

At ServerMania, we believe that a hosting provider should empower its customers. In comparison to other data centers in Canada, our Montreal location is in the ideal spot to connect your business to consumers in the North American and European market.

Low latency at low prices

The Montreal data center offers low latency and high throughput network access thanks to our partnerships with a range of high quality carriers, like GTT & Cogent. Connect consumers to your service without the overage fees and cost that you would pay with the average hosting company. Book a free consultation to find out more today.

Take control of your bandwidth costs today

If you are looking for a network solution with the benefits of a combination of security, scalability and high availability, pricing based on your average network usage, and bandwidth prices in line with what you would expect from a provider that values long-term partnerships, get in touch with us today.

Don’t pay a higher fee for the slower bandwidth that other hosting providers and ISPs advertise. Switch to ServerMania today. We have data center locations around the world and we work with leading carriers and internet service providers so that we can offer our customers the value they deserve at a total cost that other providers can’t compete with.

ServerMania offers many hosting services at its Montreal location. Find out more about Colocation, Dedicated Servers, and Cloud Servers today.