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Our mission is to provide all businesses with inexpensive, easy-to-use, enterprise-grade servers and managed services. When we decided to build a new backup service for our customers, we had a long list of requirements.


The only good backup is an automated and easy-to-use backup, because if backing up is hard, it doesn’t get done.

Easy access to data

Users should be able to access their backed-up files individually, by disk, by disk partition, and by virtual machine. A backup system with flexible data access allows clients to quickly recover from any data loss, whether the incident involves a single file or a cluster of servers.Restore speed was also a major factor. Every minute that customers don’t have access to their data can be counted in lost revenue and productivity.

Backup everything

Any loss of data can impact productivity, and our customers use a host of different devices, from the servers in our data centers to the smartphones they carry every day. We aim to provide a comprehensive backup service that can cope with all of your data.


Security was our number one concern when building a backup solution that our customers can trust. Data should be encrypted in transit and at rest. It should be held in secure data centers with the highest levels of physical and network security.

ServerMania Cloud Backup

ServerMania Cloud Backup is engineered to provide effortless backups across the full range of ServerMania hosting options and any other devices a business uses to store and process data.

It just works

Once you have added devices to your backup and carried out an initial configuration, ServerMania Cloud Backup will take care of backing up your servers, virtual machines, and local devices. Your data will be waiting for you when you need it. Data is backed up in real-time to secure storage, ensuring your backup never gets out-of-sync with production data.

Secure data storage

All in-transit data is protected by SSL encryption. When at rest, data is encrypted using AES-256, an industry-standard encryption algorithm that provides unbreakable privacy for all backed-up data. Data is stored in our SSAE-certified data centers with impeccable physical and network security.

A complete backup solution

You use a diverse range of hardware and software, and your backup solution should be able to handle your data no matter where it originates. ServerMania Cloud Backup is compatible with a wide range of operating systems and data formats, including Linux, Windows, and MacOS, iOS and Android mobile devices, Microsoft SQL, Exchange, and Active Directory, and many more.Add your business’s mobile devices, desktop machines, and laptops to ServerMania Cloud Backup for complete data protection.

Industry-leading recovery times

Your backups are available for immediate restoration whenever the need arises. There is no waiting for data to be pulled from archived disks or cold storage systems: it’s all live, online, and ready to be restored at a moment’s notice.Immediately access backed-up Windows and Linux servers as virtual machines running on our platform without transferring data for industry-leading 15-second recovery times.

Granular, bare metal, and virtual machine recovery

Get your data back in the form that is most useful to you, whether that’s as a bare-metal restore to the devices of your choice, files or sets of files, or as a virtual machine image.

Why do businesses need backups?

Without up-to-date, comprehensive, offsite backups, your business is under threat from malware, ransomware, security compromises, human error, software bugs, natural disasters, and hardware failure. Your most valuable asset is also your most fragile.Sixty percent of small businesses without backups that suffer a major data loss don’t survive. Larger businesses are more likely to survive a large data loss, but damage to customer confidence, revenue, and reputation regularly costs businesses millions of dollars.

Online crime

Every business suffers attacks against their online infrastructure. Criminals can probe thousands of servers a second for weaknesses, and their bots don’t take time off. Your security team has to get it right every day, but a criminal only has to be lucky once.Over half of businesses that suffer data loss because of online crime also suffer losses in customer loyalty, trust, and reputation; nearly a quarter lose business opportunities; a third lose revenue.Although there are many types of online attacks, ransomware deserves a special mention. Massive ransomware attacks swept the US and Europe in 2017. Hundreds of millions of dollars were lost to downtime, much more than was paid in ransom to the attackers. An up-to-date offsite backup is the only certain defense against ransomware: criminals can’t ransom your data if you have a secure offsite backup.Ransomware in particular demonstrates the importance of offsite backups. Modern ransomware is sophisticated enough to seek out storage devices connected to your servers directly or over the network. Local backups are important, but they must be supplemented by secure remote backups.

Human error

Thousands of data loss incidents are caused each year by human error. From techs tripping over cables in data centers to developers who accidentally delete business-critical databases, to err is human. Studies have shown that around half of all data loss incidents are caused by human error.These incidents are an unavoidable threat to business continuity, but a backup system that can restore data quickly will stop an embarrassing accident from turning into an expensive catastrophe.

Hardware failure

Your business depends on an intricate and complex hardware stack. High-quality components and redundancy reduce the probability of failure, but, given enough time, hardware will fail unpredictably and data will be lost as a result.Low-friction, offsite, up-to-date backups protect your company against a wide range of incidents that can cost it money, time, and the trust of its customers.

Zero-hassle data protection you can trust

ServerMania Cloud Backup is a complete data protection and disaster recovery solution for your business. To learn more about protecting your business’s data, get in touch today for a free consultation.