Hybrid Or Dedicated?

I’m sure everyone reading this blog already understands what a Dedicated Server is. Dedicated Server plans offer clients all of the resources of a physical server. The physical server is entirely under the control of the client.

Server Mania Hybrid Servers are virtualized machines. Hybrid Servers use the same virtualization technology as a traditional VPS, but they include guaranteed CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth allocations than VPS plans. Each physical server hosts a small number of Hybrid Servers. Hybrid Server performance is often equivalent or superior to a Dedicated Server at the same price point.

We created our Hybrid Server plans to offer clients a hosting option that combines the most powerful server hardware with the benefits of virtualization. The virtualized platform — when combined with our Smart Panel control interface — allows clients to reboot their servers, reinstall the operating system, and deploy new servers quickly.

Choosing A Hybrid Server

Hybrid Servers are suitable for many of the applications for which clients would traditionally have chosen a Dedicated Server. In the hierarchy of hosting options, they fill the gap between less powerful virtual private servers and the most powerful dedicated servers, although there is considerable overlap between the capabilities of Hybrid Server and Dedicated Server plans.

Hybrid servers are a good choice for hosting high-traffic websites, content management systems, eCommerce applications, databases, and file storage. They are particularly well suited to hosting scenarios that benefit from the additional flexibility of virtualization: development, testing, and staging servers, continuous integration servers, load balanced clusters, and other applications where the ability to deploy new servers quickly and reboot or reinstall the server’s OS at will is helpful.

If you’re currently using a virtual private server and are hitting resource constraints,  experiencing overage charges, or suffering reduced performance because other clients are using too many of the host server’s resources (the noisy neighbour problem), you should consider moving to a Hybrid Server. They are an excellent choice for eCommerce stores and web applications that have outgrown their existing hosting.

Choosing A Dedicated Server

Dedicated Servers are the best choice for hosting clients who need an isolated server environment in which all of the physical server’s resources are at their disposal. Client hosting environments run on the bare metal, and there is no virtualization layer.

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Dedicated Servers are a good choice for hosting long-running services where optimal performance is of more importance than the flexibility and convenience offered by virtualization: mission-critical database servers, web servers for very high traffic sites and eCommerce stores, and applications where extremely low latencies are essential — such as financial trading or real-time data analytics — are well-suited for Dedicated Server hosting.

Because Dedicated Servers are physical servers, they can scale further than virtualized platforms. There is no host operating system or virtualization layer standing between the client’s applications and the bare metal.

If raw server power and complete control of the server environment are your primary concerns, a Dedicated Server is probably the right choice. Check out ServerMania’s Dedicated Server Hosting options or contact us for a free consulation.