1. Make it Speak to a Unique Visitor

Do you have three, maybe four profiles of an ideal customer? Instead of having a single page which links to a single e-mail marketing campaign, consider investing additional time to create a unique message for each segment of your target market. Variations can include:

  • The prospect’s role in their organization for B2B prospects, or even for a large B2C purchase. (Just consider their role in their “family organization”)landing-page-roi
  • Content which reflects previous purchasing behaviors
  • If done with tact, demographic factors like age, gender or cultural bias if it is relevant

If you create landing pages with tailored content, be sure to set goals in Google Analytics to track visitor behaviors, such as whether they bounce off your landing page, download a whitepaper or watch a video. If your pages aren’t resonating, make it as an A/B test lesson learned and change your page for the next time.

2. Keep the Conversation on Topic

Let’s say someone found your innovative, mobile responsive website up on their search engine of choice. Whether they clicked on a paid link, or found some organic content, you want to make sure your visitor is glad they found your website. If they’re coming from Facebook, or maybe Instagram, you might want to consider the type of customer which uses a specific social media channel. They might be very visual, and serving up a detailed page might not work for that customer. An infographic might be better.

On the other hand, if a customer responded to an offer for an eBook or technical whitepaper, you don’t want to distract your visitor from getting what they want. A clean, simple landing page, with a clear message to your client about what you want them to do is vital. Having a consistent message from where a visitor comes from, to your landing page and keeping on topic will increase conversions. If you sent your campaign responder to your home page, they wouldn’t know what to do, as there is no context to follow.

3. Create Urgency, Emotion and Motivation

You came to the Server Mania website either because you recognized the value of a hosting company which provides a reliable, secure environment for your website as a prospective client, or an existing client. You may have tried hosting your website yourself and had difficulty in managing it yourself, or you may be unsatisfied with the level of service you are getting from your existing provider.

Consider the emotions or motivations you feel from the following statements:

  • Server Mania offers an industry leading, 100 percent uptime SLA guarantee – Makes you feel confident!
  • Our skilled Support Fleet has some of the quickest response times in the industry – Great Support and 100 percent SLA? Wow, where do I sign, right?
  • Our Dedicated Server hosting is available with Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and Backup Services. Makes you feel protected right? Safety, support and a 100 percent SLA are a great combination, and many of our customers tell us these factors were primary motivators when they chose Server Mania as their web hosting services provider.
  • Server Mania has data centers across the U.S. which are equipped with the people, processes and technology which ensure your content is available to your customers where, when and how they need it. We ensure their data confidentiality is preserved. (Does that sound like a hosting company you’d want to contract with? You bet!)

A landing page, or series of landing pages, which are linked to your digital marketing activities can make a big difference to the return you get from your inbound marketing investment. Once you have captured the interest of a prospective customer, make sure they know:

  • You understand their needs
  • You are equipped to deliver the value they need
  • If they take the action you recommend, the time, money and effort to engage with your company will be well spent.

Looking for more ways to optimize your web presence through quality of service and secure information delivery? Contact the Server Mania team today!