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How Foreign Currency Exchange Service Providers Benefit from Hosting Services

If your organization provides services related to foreign currency exchange, you will have a deep understanding about the demands on your information management infrastructure in terms of:

  • Security, including protection against DDoS attacks
  • Availability
  • Scalability to respond to elastic demand
  • Backup services
  • The need for geographically redundant services
  • Clearly defined, performance oriented Service Level Agreements

Secure Web Hosting

Due to the sensitive nature of the foreign exchange industry, you want to partner with a service provider with

  • Robust, elastic bandwidth services
  • Highly skilled Network Operations Center management teams,
  • Certifications to comply with financial and technical requirements
  • A variety of database and operating system platforms to manage heavy transaction and traffic loads
  • Multiple layers/options of power, cooling, and/or telecommunications providers
  • Sophisticated digital and physical security safeguards. We protect the infrastructure supporting your data at rest in storage, and data in motion to and from your clients and other stakeholders.

Foreign Exchange Industry Experience You Can Count On

At Server Mania, we understand the vital role data plays for ForEx service providers. Events around the globe can cause sharp increases or drops in currency valuation. Having an infrastructure in place to be able to react to sharp increases in trades requires a strong partnership between your business experts and our hosting team to ensure you have the resources available to support your web applications when there are spikes of load.

Collaborative System Management Processes

Though you can rely on the NOC technical team at Server Mania to monitor your systems based on your contracted SLA, having a dashboard application yourself to monitor and analyze your systems in our data center provides great peace of mind.  Should you need intervention from our technical team, you can open a support ticket from within your Surge control panel on the device of your choice.  You can respond to business or technical trends you see occurring, and you can be sure of rapid response to your service requests.

If there is a natural or man-made disaster in a part of the world where your clients have invested in currency, you want your technical resources to be ready to withstand a sudden steep increase in the volume of traffic and inquiries to your systems. To secure transactions and data, you want the data center housing your data to have systems in place for:

  • Strong encryption
  • Intrusion detection and/or intrusion prevention systems
  • Security event management and logging
  • Backups, firewalls and load balancing

High Availability Services, Around the Clock

Providing reliable services to ForEx service providers isn’t sufficient to optimize technology from 9 to 5. You want your services to be delivering 24/7/365. Our teams across North America will ensure we’re just a phone call, support ticket or mouse click away when you need us.

Third Party Recognition, Your Peace of Mind

Service providers who meet the exhaustive governance and security mandates of industry regulators need to raise their game above and beyond “good enough” to deliver “acceptable” levels. We have achieved the regulatory certifications required by organizations including:

Though adhering to the exhaustive standards and practices required by these organizations is a lot of work, the value of storing your data in our facilities is immeasurable. By contracting for services in our pre-certified data center, your own audit and/or certification process can be expedited a great deal.

Laser Focused on Customer Value Unparalleled 100% Service Level Agreements

By serving leading services providers in the foreign exchange industry, we have honed our service offerings for business priorities common to ForEx companies. Dedicated servers, cloud hosting and other services provide affordable, scalable environments for currency related data. Our dedication to customer service is unrivaled. We are one of a select few hosting services providers confident enough to guarantee one hundred percent up-time SLA’s.

If you are looking for a strategic information management partner for your currency exchange business, contact Server Mania. You won’t find another hosting provider in North America who is more dedicated to customer service, service level excellence, and value for your investment.

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Kevin Blanchard

Kevin Blanchard

Kevin Blanchard is the CEO of ServerMania.