What it Is

At its core, VPN service is a secondary connection point between your computer and the Internet.

Instead of network traffic being routed from your device to every website you browse, your computer connects to the VPN server, and this VPN connects to each website. Instead of seeing your local IP addresses and location, these sites only see the IP of the VPN server.

Take yourself as an example. You’re either currently on a computer or mobile device. Your device is connected to the internet through your Internet service provider (ISP).

If you visit ServerMania.com, your ISP sees the connection being made to the website, and ServerMania sees the IP address of your ISP which can be traced back to you.

With a VPN, ServerMania would only see the IP address of your VPN server and your ISP would only see the connection to the VPN. The fact that you visited this page would be obscured from your ISP and the connection between you and the VPN is fully encrypted, so any data exchanged would be secure there as well.

Essentially, a VPN is a mask over your online identity and activity, allowing you to browse in privacy.

How Does a VPN Work for Busines Owners?

VPNs are often thought of as a tool for individuals to use to conceal their online browsing. But, the encryption used in VPN offers a significant advantage to business owners as well.

An entrepreneur has far more to lose than the average individual. A regular person may have bank account information on their computer that they need to keep secure. But someone who owns a company has client information, employee information, and vast amounts of other sensitive data that would ruin lives if it were to become compromised.

It can be fatal for a business if it has its information tampered with. At the very least, it can cost thousands (if not millions) in lost productivity while you have to sort everything out.

But, VPNs aren’t only useful in your main office.

Public WiFi networks are one of the least secure ways for you to access personal information. These include ones you’ll find in restaurants, airports, coffee shops, and hotels.

Oftentimes, business requires travel, and you won’t always be able to communicate with clients or other professionals from your main office. By utilizing a VPN, you’ll be able to ensure that your connection is encrypted, even when you’re unsure of the security on an untrusted network.

How can ServerMania help?

A VPN masks your online activity, protecting your privacy and any information you share. This makes it particularly useful for establishing remote connections where you need guaranteed security.

If you plan on communicating sensitive data, it’s advised that you protect yourself through a VPN service. ServerMania servers are perfect for setting up your own VPN service in under 5 minutes.

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