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Game Server Hosting: Beware Denial of Service Attacks!

Do you remember the holiday season of 2014, when the mysterious “Lizard Squad” spoiled the Christmas for many PlayStation Network and XBox Live subscribers? It laid a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on the gaming giant, and got away with it for awhile until 50,700 charges were laid. 

Considering the boldness of a single Finland teen to cripple a couple of the world’s largest gaming networks, thinking your game server hosting service isn’t a target is extremely naïveThough the Lizard Squad claimed they executed the DDoS attack on Microsoft and Sony to punish them for greed, or for “lulz”, who is to say they won’t seek out and try and cripple your game hosting infrastructure? 

The good news is, there are a select few game server hosting providers like Server Mania that provide DDoS protection services. Using DDoS security appliances from RioRey, we can provide you with peace of mind that your game servers are safe from attacks like:

Protocol Attacks

Smurfs, Teardrops and Pings of Death are all types of DDoS attacks. Really. No kidding. Protocol attacks, which overwhelm servers, firewalls and other network systems with a deluge of traffic, until finally the technology succumbs to the pressure of the volume of fragmented data packets. Technology and internet/telecom companies are often hit by protocol attacks.

Volume Based Attacks

Just as it sounds, volume based DDoS attacks are “tsunamis” of traffic or data flooding network ports, and taxing network resources to their breaking points. Gaming, financial services industry and media/entertainment companies often suffer these attacks.

Application Layer Attacks


Applications such as Apache, OpenBSD and Windows are targeted by ZeroDay, or security vulnerabilities which are unknown by the vendor. Financial services companies and technology companies can be hit by these attacks.

It can be difficult to continuously defend against DDoS attacks, because the technology used to execute these attacks is highly available, at low cost. Without virus code, or malware to defend against, it’s not like you can configure an IPS, firewall or Vulnerability “sniffer” which can solve all DDoS related issues.

Need proof that Server Mania, by implementing RioRey appliances and other security safeguards can protect your game servers against attacks by reptilian attacks by ne’er do well hackers? Check out these details.

Game server hosting doesn’t necessarily get the same sort of security attention by some providers. Server Mania realizes even though games are fun, the business of running them is serious. Subscribers can be fickle, and an stable, reliable game hosting provider is table stakes for being competitive in the industry.

Our game server hosting in Buffalo, New York has DDoS protection at the perimeter of the network, where it counts. Floods of traffic bounce off the appliances, allowing legitimate traffic through. Those gaming subscribers of yours.

Don’t let hackers play games with the future of your company. Although some of the largest game network in the business has fallen prey to DDoS attacks, Server Mania provides a secure, reliable infrastructure you can rely on. If you are gaming yourself, and you’re in an online battle with a grumpy sounding troll, or an especially melancholy opponent in a first-person online shooter, and performance grinds to a halt; maybe offer good conversation instead of violence. Sometimes hackers just want to make friends.

Some experts say one of the best ways to beat game server DDoS attackers is to stop treating them like rock stars. Much like the “Don’t Feed the Trolls” motto on social media, ignoring a hacker when they make attacks like the ones on Blizzard, League of Legends and other game server hosts can deny a hacker the rush of adrenaline when they log on to Reddit to check out the buzz.

If you were a psychologist and had a game host DDoS attacker on your couch, you’d probably get some pretty interesting reasons out of them for wanting to take down online gaming activities. Besides frustration over living in their Mom’s basement, there’s:

  • Looking for the social media spike in their activity
  • That feeling the Grinch had when he stole Christmas – they want that warmth in their cold, dark hearts
  • The feeling of being powerful enough to cause chaos, financial loss and service operation of a big company. “Sticking it to the Man”, you might say.
  • Predictable traffic patterns: Weekends, after school, around Christmas. Unlike with games of stealth, high traffic times provide opportunistic hackers with the chance to blend in with a bunch of “good guy gamers” and make a sudden traffic spike seem like business as usual. Until it’s too late, anyway.

Game server hosting generates a lot of streaming traffic. Having the flexibility to  scale out the volume of protected throughput can save your company, or your group a great deal of money, frustration, and make sure your gaming subscribers are happy with the level of performance they can play on.

Regardless of whether you are looking to secure hosting for a massive online role-playing game, sports contest, or a Minecraft server or Unturned Server Hosting, you want the biggest losses to be virtual ones. Choose a game hosting provider which effective DDoS prevention, and maintain your subscriber base!

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Justin Blanchard

Justin Blanchard

Justin Blanchard is the CMO of ServerMania.

    • Hi Mark – Thanks for writing in. To answer your question in short form; yes, anyone can be attacked. We offer DDOS protection at the data-center level, versus going with a high latency remote protection service.