Current Pricing

cPanel is currently billed for an unlimited number of control panel users at a fixed cost. Hybrid Servers receive cPanel for $15/month and Dedicated Servers are charged $34/month. Under both of these licenses, there is no limit on the number of control panel users that can be created using the license.

New Pricing

cPanel is switching to a per-user pricing model which is similar to how Plesk has billed for its control panel.

Instead of a fixed monthly fee, clients will now be charged $15 up-front for the cPanel license setup and after 30 days, they will be charged for the previous month’s usage. The following is the pricing that will be in effect:

Number of AccountsHybridDedicated
Setup Fee$15$15
1 – 5 Accounts$15NA
6 – 30 Accounts$20NA
31 – 50 Accounts$26NA
51 – 100 Accounts$32$32
Accounts above 100$32 + $0.13 per account$32 + $0.13 per account

Frequently Asked Questions

When will this new pricing come into effect?

This updated pricing scheme will come into effect on December 15, 2019. At this time, you will no longer be billed for the standard license cost and will instead be charged based on the number of cPanel accounts active at the time of service renewal. Existing clients will receive their first usage based bill in October.

How will this impact quarterly / bi-annual / annual prepayment clients?

You will continue to be billed for your server based on your existing billing term, but you will receive a bill each month for your cPanel license which must be paid each month.

Can I opt to keep my current cPanel pricing?

Unfortunately, these are the prices that cPanel is now charging us and we are unable to continue offering the previous cPanel pricing model.

Why is cPanel doing this?

According to cPanel, the hosting industry has changed significantly in the 20 years since the original licensing system was implemented, and there have been no license cost increases in over 13 years. These new pricing changes will allow cPanel to reach a broader set of customers and improve the product.

We’re Here to Help

We understand that these pricing changes may be disruptive to your business, especially for those customers in the hosting industry who have developed their pricing based on the fixed-price cPanel model.

If you have any questions about the new licensing process and how it may impact your business, contact our account management team and we will be happy to assist you.