What is Computer Learning Month?

Computer Learning Month is an initiative designed to encourage people to learn new skills when it comes to computers and in ServerMania’s case, servers! After all, servers are just another type of computer and there are so many skills that can be developed using servers to help achieve a variety of tasks in your everyday lives.

The Pledge

ServerMania will be donating 10% of every new server order in October to Canada Learning Code. This organization designs, delivers, and partners on technology education for Canadians. In the words of CLC, “The world is changing, and we want Canada to be ready. We’re here to make sure that all Canadians — particularly women, girls, people with disabilities, Indigenous youth and newcomers — have access to the knowledge they need to prosper in our digital world.”

Learn More Skills With ServerMania

We’ve compiled some of our favourite server tutorials and learning resources for a variety of skill levels to help you learn more about what servers are, and step-by-step guides to show you how to run some popular server software.

For the Beginners…

If you’re new to the server hosting industry or servers in general, we’re going back to the basics with these resources.

What is a Server?: In this article, we dive into the details on what exactly a server is and how servers can be used to accomplish so many different tasks.

How Do Servers Work?:  RAM? CPU? Network Capacity? Learn more about how each component of a server works and how servers differ from regular personal computers.

Hands On Tutorials

If you already have a server or want to setup a new server, you can try your hand at one of these tutorials. Our Hybrid Servers are the perfect sandbox server for learning new skills as they can be instantly reloaded at any time. Plus, they’re an affordable choice for a variety of applications.

Create Your Own Email Server + Video Course: Are you ready to ditch the prying eyes of Google and take control of your email? In this text and video tutorial, we walk you through every step of the email server setup process using the easiest to use tool developed.

Setup Your Own VPN Server Video Tutorial: One of the best ways to protect your browsing activity is through the use of a VPN Server. You don’t need to rely on a VPN Provider to create your own VPN Server. We show you everything you need to know to stay protected online.

Create Your Own Web Server: Looking to create a basic website without the need for a control panel? In this tutorial, we walk you through installing the LAMP stack on linux and IIS on Windows Server.

Everything You Wanted to Know About RAID (and Why You Need It): There are a few things you can count on in life: death, taxes, and hard drive failure or data corruption. But what is RAID, and how do you select the right RAID option for your server? Learn more about RAID in this article.

Celebrate Computer Learning Month

Is there a server related skill that you’d like to learn? Leave your suggestions in the comments below and we will consider it for our next tutorial!