What is cloud hosting?

Cloud servers are a type of online server. Cloud services are designed using a centralized control panel which a small business user can leverage in order to deploy virtual servers “in the cloud”. Fundamentally, they are a collection of physical servers hosted in a secure data center and managed by a cloud provider like ServerMania.  Each component in the cloud hosting experience is redundant across CPU, memory, and storage so that the entire server environment is secure and high-availability.

Unlike a traditional on-premises server, cloud servers can be deployed in seconds because they run as a virtual slice of a large collection of servers. A small business cloud service is specifically designed to be easy to use so that even non-experts can navigate the platform.

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Is cloud computing good for small business?

Cloud services are a great option for many small businesses. These servers help reduce infrastructure costs, increase uptime, and reduce the amount of time spent managing servers.

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

As every small business owner knows, managing costs and being able to deliver a reliable product or service to your customers is essential. Cloud services help to meet these goals because a cloud server can be scaled up based on business needs.

You can start a cloud service with 1GB of RAM and upgrade to up to 128GB of RAM without needing to switch hardware or experience lengthy downtime. Clouds also give small businesses the ability to deploy servers without expensive up-front hardware costs.

Increased Uptime

Cloud instances can also help your small business increase uptime and performance.

Every cloud instance is set up on redundant hardware so that a single failure on networking, CPU, memory, or disk space will cause your server to be automatically moved to a healthy server, reducing downtime and occurring without any intervention on your part.

A cloud based server for small business is also set up in our secure data centers to ensure that the server is monitored 24×7 for physical intrusion, environmental threats, and more.

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What can a cloud server be used for?

There are a variety of things that a cloud service can be used for by a small business, including:

  • Cloud storage for business
  • Secure file sharing
  • Running SaaS tools like an office suite
  • Web Servers
  • Email Servers
  • Database storage solutions
  • Mobile device backups

Whether you want your server to be the best cloud storage for business, host an e-commerce site, or more, a cloud service can help you accomplish all of these goals.

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Which applications aren’t suited for a cloud server?

While almost any application can benefit from the high-availability and performance of a cloud platform, there are some applications that are best suited for a traditional dedicated server or a hybrid approach.

Some examples of these applications include:

  • High CPU or memory-intensive applications – anything over 64GB of RAM is likely better suited and more affordable to run on a dedicated server
  • Compliance sensitive applications such as heath and financial applications – some industries require these applications to be hosted on a completely private infrastructure

Remember that you can always take a hybrid approach which leverages cloud computing for some aspects of your hosting and dedicated servers for other applications. This combination may prove most effective for your needs.

What is the best cloud server for small business?

Choosing the best servers for small business is sometimes not an easy task, but cloud services make this process a lot easier.

A cloud server can be instantly scaled up to add additional memory, CPU, and disk space, so you don’t need to be too precise when selecting a server.

ServerMania offers cloud servers for general use starting at $47 per month. The best server for your needs depends on your application requirements.

How to setup a cloud server for small business

If you’re ready to setup a server for your small business, it’s never been easier to get started. Click here to learn more about the ServerMania Cloud and how you can be up and running in minutes.  If you haven’t already tried our FREE cloud trial, contact our sales team and start exploring the ServerMania Cloud for 10 days, for free.