Hybrid Server, Dedicated Server, Or Cloud

Hybrid Server, Dedicated Server, Or Cloud: Which Is Right For Your Project?

Choosing the right hosting option for your project is important. It will help ensure you have a positive experience and only pay for the infrastructure you really need.

But finding exactly the right hosting isn’t easy. There’s an almost infinite variety of options, but many of those options have more to do with marketing than the technical attributes of the platform.

At ServerMania, we offer three basic choices for server hosting:



The Anatomy Of EMC: DAE, DPE, SPE, And More

Particularly if you’re new to the hosting space, all the jargon floating around about server architecture can be more than a little overwhelming. At times, it can almost feel like people are speaking an entirely different language. Today, we’re going to see if we can eliminate at least a bit of the confusion and mysticism.

We’re going to go over some of the terminology, components, and concepts commonly associated with EMC’s storage products – the VNX/VNXe series in particular.

Let’s get started.

(Definitions drawn from Justin Paul and StorageNerve) (more…)


Five Things You Need To Know About Hosting A Game Server

“It’s a sad fact of life that on the Internet, each game is a self-contained dictatorship,” writes CVG’s Phil Wand.

“If you’re not contributing to its upkeep, you have no right to be there. Instead of having your butt kicked between servers by short-tempered 14-year-olds, why not set up your own server for you and your friends and make your own set of rules?”

It’s not an uncommon idea, really, nor is it an unattractive one.