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RAID Hard Drive

Everything You Wanted to Know About RAID (and Why You Need It)

There are a few things you can count on in life: death, taxes, and hard drive failure or data corruption. No matter what brand of hard drives you use or what kind of drive you select, eventually you will experience drive failure. While data corruption and drive failure rates have drastically decreased due to Solid State and NVMe drives, it’s still something you need to protect against. This is accomplished through offsite backups, and RAID.

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backup solutions

Which Backup Solutions Are Right for Your Server?

We all know how important data backups are. Backups ensure you are prepared in the event of accidental deletion or data corruption. 

But there are a lot of backup options to choose from, and they may not all work for your company needs. So how do you know which one to use?

Take a look at these server backup solutions and learn how to choose the right one for you.

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