What are the Best Linux Distros in 2023?

Are you looking to skip the nonsense and find the single best Linux distro in 2023? There’s something you should know… Hundreds (if not thousands) of Linux distros are available to choose from. Distrowatch rankings recognize 306, but each week more distributions are built and released.

Free distros. Paid distros. Distros based on distros. Options feel limitless. Honestly, they are. So if you’re looking for a single answer for the top linux distro, you’re asking the wrong question.

Here’s why…

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chmod recursive guide text

Chmod Recursive Guide: How to Change Permissions in Linux

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ServerMania offers a variety of HybridCloud, and Dedicated Linux servers which all make use of the chmod command. It’s a frequently used command, so it’s important that any system admin knows how to use it.

In this article, we’re going to cover; what is chmod, how is it used, and what things to avoid.

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linux in golden letters

Why Use Linux? 9 Benefits to Consider

Are you setting up a new server and wondering which Operating System is best for you? Linux has been the premier choice in server hosting for decades, but you may be wondering, why should I choose Linux? This Free-to-use system has experienced consistent growth since it was introduced over 25 years ago. While it might not have the largest market share, it’s still a worthy competitor to traditional proprietary options.

In this benefits guide, we will take a look at 9 advantages of Linux that you should consider.

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LAMP Stack acronym logo

What is a LAMP Stack?

When you are seeking website hosting or browsing technology news, the chances are high that you have come across the term “Lamp Stack” at some point. This refers to how a web server is set up and what software it uses in order to perform specific functions. When you are deciding on which infrastructure to use for your server, you want to remain as informed as possible, and as such, today we will be going in-depth on what exactly LAMP is and how it works.

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two paths demonstrating the decision between Ubuntu and Centos

Comparing CentOS vs. Ubuntu – How to Make the Right Choice

Linux tends to be the operating system of choice for hosted servers thanks to its inherent stability and low license costs. Although there are hundreds of distros to choose from, the decision often comes down to CentOS vs Ubuntu, both of which are seen to be among the very best.

So how do you pick the one that is right for you? First it helps to understand a little about CentOS and Ubuntu.

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group of servers showing the choice needed to make when looking for dedicated servers

How to Set Up an Affordable Dedicated Server

For those of you experienced with system administration, a how-to on setting up a dedicated server is as exciting as reading the back of a cereal box. But, for some developers and anyone new to hosting, a guide is a useful resource to follow.

This article will outline a very high-level overview of setting up an affordable dedicated server for your business.

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Linux vs. Windows: Why Linux is The Clear Winner

Linux vs. Windows Server? — A question that has been debated endlessly by system administrators and server hosting clients since the dawn of the web. We’re clear where we stand: for most purposes, Linux is the right choice. Windows Server is a secure, flexible, and powerful server operating system, but our heart is with Linux.

The ServerMania team has worked with Linux since the company was founded in 2002. We have proudly watched as thousands of our clients have built successful businesses on our Linux-based server hosting. Our dedicated server, cloud server, and hybrid server plans run on a variety of Linux distributions, including CentOS, Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu (as well as Windows Server 2008).

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Announcing the Server Mania Knowledge Base

At Server Mania, we’re extremely proud of our Support Fleet. So proud, we don’t call them a Support Team, Support Department, or even a Support Crew. You have to be extremely effective at your job to be called a Fleet.

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Doing Page Redirects the Right Way

Doing Page Redirects the Right Way

Redirecting webpage requests is useful when you’ve deleted outdated pages, or when moving your site to a new domain. Rather than give site errors to visitors, and tempt them to leave your site, you should make sure they are redirected to a page on your website.

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