Web Proxies and VPNs: How to Browse the Web Anonymously

No matter what your motivation for browsing the internet, having the option to visit pages on the internet without being “profiled” is your right. Many savvy web browsers use web proxies, proxy servers and VPNs to keep their web surfing activities private. You might want to hire a divorce lawyer, find a new job, or find out why you have that troubling rash. (‘Nuff said)



Mobile Friendly Web Design – How to Survive Mobilegeddon

Another Google algorithm update has been rolled out. Has your ranking been impacted? Does Google find your website to be Mobile Friendly? If you aren’t sure, there are a number of ways you can find out if your Google ranking is doing well for smartphone users, or if you have some work to do. Should there be a need to modify the design of your website for smartphones, you’ll find a number of resources here about mobile friendly web design.



Mobile Marketing for Your Business – 2015 Trends

Statistics show, mobile web browsing and searches have eclipsed that of laptops and desktops. There are nearly 1.9 billion mobile users, compared to about 1.8 billion desktop users. Capturing the hearts, minds and wallets of mobile device users takes deep expertise. Mobile marketing for your business is vastly different than traditional marketing, digital or otherwise.