Latest Server Cluster Configurations Are Ready To Deploy

ServerMania has seen an increase in demand for high-performance server clusters over the last few months.

So, to meet your ever-growing needs, we are releasing our latest offering of server cluster packages. These packages offer exceptional security and peace of mind when it comes to up-time and server performance.

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The 5 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2022

Crypto exchange: What’s all the rage about?

Talks about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are everywhere. You have most likely heard a few things about blockchain technology. Interest in cryptocurrencies has been on a constant increase over the past few years, from individuals, institutions, and even countriesRead More

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What is Business Continuity Management?

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is the process that creates a system to increase the resilience and reliability of a product by ensuring prevention and recovery from potential threats to a company. The comprehensive list of potential threats can be a mammoth document as it would include all theoretically possible threats that might threaten the continuity of the business.

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Achieve Optimal Performance with NVMe Drives on Dedicated Servers

As a lot of our customers are using dedicated servers, we decided to up the game by enabling them to use NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) drives as primary storage devices for better I/O (input/output) throughput. NVMe SSDs will speed up the data transfer between the disk drive and the motherboard. Therefore, as compared to SATA SSD drives, the use of NVMe SSD drives will help organizations reduce latency significantly.

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Introducing ServerMania Cloud Servers

At ServerMania, we’re always looking for new solutions to empower our client’s hosting needs. We’re finally excited to announce the launch of a project which has been in development for several years – The ServerMania Cloud. It’s been engineered to give you the tools to rapidly deploy and scale cloud instances with ease, even for non-experts. 

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The History of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the use of internet-connected servers to host software and virtual infrastructure accessed and controlled over the web or an API. The phrase “cloud computing” has only been used for a decade or so, but the history of cloud computing stretches back much further.  In this article, we provide a brief history of cloud computing from the 1960s to today.

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Low-Latency Connectivity Now Available in New Zealand

We’re proud to announce the addition of a brand-new Auckland data center to our expanding global network. After consulting with clients to determine where ServerMania should expand to next, we received overwhelming support for a location that can deliver clients with low-latency connectivity throughout the Asia-Pacific region, including New Zealand, Australia, and Southeast Asia.Read More