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The Shocking Truth About Server Security at the Ballistic Missile Defense System

When IT professionals hear that criminals have hacked a company’s network via a trivial exploit, we wonder why the victim didn’t have basic security precautions in place. In most cases, businesses aren’t compromised through imaginative social engineering or ingenious and complex multi-layer attacks against hardened defenses. They’re compromised because they neglected to apply a patch to fix a vulnerability everyone has known about for months or because they forgot to password-protect a database, leaving sensitive information accessible to anyone who can use Shodan.

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group of servers showing the choice needed to make when looking for dedicated servers

How to Set Up an Affordable Dedicated Server

For those of you experienced with system administration, a how-to on setting up a dedicated server is as exciting as reading the back of a cereal box. But, for some developers and anyone new to hosting, a guide is a useful resource to follow. 

This article will outline a very high-level overview of setting up an affordable dedicated server for your business.

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