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Why You Can’t Afford Not To Protect Yourself From DDoS Attacks

On February 11, 2014; Cloudflare’s European and U.S. data centers very nearly had their networks taken offline by the largest Distributed Denial of Service attack in history. Directed at one of Cloudflare’s customers, malicious traffic at the time of the attack topped 400 Gbps, taking place over a new – and previously undefended – attack vector. Worse still, many have pointed to this attack as a sign of worse things to come.

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Using noatime, And Related Gems In Linux’s fstab

One of the more important configuration files in Linux is the File Systems Tab: fstab. Generally located in the /etc/ directory, it’s used to define how stuff should be mounted into Linux. What that means is that if you have a decent idea what you’re doing, you can enjoy some pretty significant performance increases on any servers you happen to be running, whether they’re physical or virtual.

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What Is PHP.ini – And How Can You Find It?

Hey there, folks! Today, we’re going to have a chat about PHP – more specifically, one of the most important files in any PHP installation. I’m talking about php.ini. This handy little file is used for everything from installing php libraries to updating plugins to configuring your entire server – so it’s kind of important. And it’s also more than a little distressing when you can’t find it. Today, we’re going to go over a few tips, tricks, and methods you can use to locate your PHP configuration file when it isn’t where it’s supposed to be.Read More