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Certificate Transparency: What Do Domain Owners Need To Know?

Google has recently been at the forefront of sweeping industry changes to improve the security behind SSL issuance. The next round of changes impacting certificate holders is about to go live, and it's important for domain owners to take notice. 

From April 30, 2018, Google Chrome will consider SSL certificates that aren’t included in a Certificate Transparency log to be insecure. When Google Chrome users visit a site secured by an unlogged SSL certificate issued after that date, they will see a prominent warning indicating that the site is insecure.

Continue reading to find out how Certificate Transparency may impact your business, and what to do to stay protected. 

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Factors to Consider When Hiring IT Consulting Companies

IT consulting is a growing marketplace, so it can be hard to sort out which providers can actually provide your business with real value, and who will give you nothing but headaches and disappointment.

Knowing which factors to consider and taking the time to compare providers will ensure you make the right choice. 

In this article, we will discuss why you might consider outsourcing IT services and the top factors to consider when choosing an IT consulting provider. 

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What Are Managed Servers and Why Should You Care?

Have you wondered if a managed server is a good fit for your business? Depending on the nature of your server needs and your technical expertise, your business might benefit greatly from a managed server.

There are a variety of server types including unmanaged, semi-managed, and fully managed servers. The distinction between these services can often be confusing, especially since each server provider defines server management packages differently.

In this article, we will explain what managed servers are, and some of the key benefits to a server management plan with ServerMania.


Bare Metal vs Hypervisor

Bare Metal vs Hypervisor: Which Is Right For Your Project?

The modern infrastructure hosting market offers no end of platforms and technologies for companies to choose from. But in spite of what seems like endless variation, it’s possible to categorize infrastructure hosting options into a small number of functional groups. The most fundamental division is between bare metal infrastructure and hypervisor-based infrastructure, which is more often referred to as cloud infrastructure.

In this article, I’d like to discuss the differences between bare metal and cloud infrastructure, with a focus on the benefits of each and how infrastructure hosting clients can choose the best platform for their projects and applications. (more…)

Is Your MongoDB Database Secured Against Ransom Attacks?

MongoDB is a popular NoSQL database with a serious problem. Tens of thousands of MongoDB databases have been hacked by criminals, who replace the data with a simple message: “Send us money or your data is gone forever”. In fact, calling it a hack is overly generous, since there’s very little hacking involved: the databases have no protection and are exposed to the internet. (more…)

NIST’s New Password Guidance Challenges Some Common Practices

NIST’s New Password Guidance Challenges Some Common Practices

Passwords have proven themselves an inadequate method of authentication many times. It’s not necessarily that the concept is flawed: passwords can be secure if the system around them is implemented properly. But a combination of users’ inability to properly choose and manage passwords and developers’ failure to implement secure systems often leads to security breaches. (more…)