Is Your MongoDB Secure From Ransom Attacks

Is Your MongoDB Database Secured Against Ransom Attacks?

MongoDB is a popular NoSQL database with a serious problem. Tens of thousands of MongoDB databases have been hacked by criminals, who replace the data with a simple message: “Send us money or your data is gone forever”. In fact, calling it a hack is overly generous, since there’s very little hacking involved: the databases have no protection and are exposed to the internet. (more…)

NIST’s New Password Guidance Challenges Some Common Practices

NIST’s New Password Guidance Challenges Some Common Practices

Passwords have proven themselves an inadequate method of authentication many times. It’s not necessarily that the concept is flawed: passwords can be secure if the system around them is implemented properly. But a combination of users’ inability to properly choose and manage passwords and developers’ failure to implement secure systems often leads to security breaches. (more…)


6 Ways Cloud Server Hosting Can Help Grow Your Business

There are many benefits of cloud server hosting, which can have a measurable impact on increasing your profitability, and controlling your bottom line costs. Entrusting the maintenance of your applications, content and data to a reliable, trustworthy provider like Server Mania is a strategic investment you can make in your business, providing six strategic advantages.