What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of referral marketing where affiliate partners can link visitors from their website, blog, or social media channels to a provider’s website.

Successful affiliate campaigns promote products and encourage customers to make a purchase from this business. Affiliate marketers receive a unique referral link and when visitors make a purchase on the site, you receive a commission for the sale of affiliate products; in this case, servers.

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to introduce your customers to affiliate products and services that are related to their interests.

For example, an affiliate marketing strategy might include running a blog about application development or software design. In this scenario, your target audience may have a need for servers to run their applications.

If you’re wanting to earn extra income without really having to do much work, affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize this traffic.

Affiliate Marketing as a Business Model

Diversification is the name of the game in nearly any business. It’s important to have income streams from a variety of sources so you are not dependent on one source if your industry shifts in some way.

Affiliate marketing provides your business with a new stream of commission income just by adding links and banners to existing content on your website or social media. Once you have affiliate links integrated into your online business, a blog post or two, and other content on your existing website, the only thing left to do is a little search engine optimization. Then, you can start watching the affiliate income stream in. This is called passive income.

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What You Can Earn with ServerMania Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate partner, when someone clicks on your affiliate link and ends up purchasing a server from us, you will receive a commission worth 80% of the order’s first month’s revenue. This can easily add up to more money and some nice earnings for an affiliate marketer:

In addition to being paid through Paypal, ServerMania affiliates can now be paid in Crypto currencies, like Bitcoin.

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Four Affiliate Marketing Tips for Success

Here are four ways that you can integrate the ServerMania affiliate program into your own website and marketing efforts so that you earn more and become a successful affiliate marketer.

Share In An Email Newsletter

If you send an email marketing newsletter to clients, consider integrating your unique affiliate content, including banner and link, into your most valuable content.

Often times, an effective marketing strategy will include a feature in your monthly newsletter that might offer a discount code, instant access to an affiliate product or a link to an affiliate website. Before sending people to the link, you should outline a few reasons why they may need the affiliate product and what benefits it can offer to their business.

Create content that will generate traffic to your website and that of your affiliate business. The objective is to produce affiliate sales or at least generate a lead or two.

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Provide Your Own Endorsement

Whether you’re sharing the affiliate link in a newsletter, on your website, or in an email signature, it’s important to provide context for your visitors and make your own endorsement of the service. Effective affiliate marketing can require a simple candid perspective, but may also require in depth product reviews.

If you’re a ServerMania affiliate, you may already be a client of ours or have used our servers in the past. If you’ve had a positive experience, then consider promoting products you’ve tried so that you build trust with your customers. This will make them more likely to click the link and learn more about us.

Consider all the tools at your disposal. For example, a dropshipping business may have affiliate marketing campaigns that also include comparison articles, social media advertising, and affiliate marketing spend, or budget. This is an extreme example and may not be entirely appropriate for your business model, but is something we see from time to time in our affiliate network.

Create Email Automations

While an email blast is great, you may also have automation software in place to send emails to new clients at specific times to help generate more affiliate sales. You could consider implementing an automation when a customer has been with you for a certain amount of days or weeks to share the affiliate link with them.

Here’s an example that you could tailor to your own experience:

Subject: How I Reduced My Server Hosting Costs

Hi Jane,

Johnson here from Acme Co. We hope you’ve been enjoying your service with us so far. We’re grateful for your business and wanted to share a tip with you if you’re looking to reduce server costs for your business. 

Like many businesses, we always had the old Dell server in the corner of the office collecting dust that was running some pretty important software for us. One day it died, and we were left scrambling for a replacement.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a new server, we decided to rent one instead with ServerMania. They host the server in their secure data centers and are available 24×7 if we ever need help.

We’ve been thrilled with our service at ServerMania and we think you would be too. Take a look at their available servers here starting at $70/month.

Take care,


Acme Inc. 

P.S: We’re all about helping you save money here at Acme Inc. Don’t forget to Join the ServerManiacs club for 10% off your server order.

Add Banners to Your Website

Banners can be a great addition to some websites to entice people to visit our website using your affiliate link. This is especially useful on a “Recommended Vendors” page where users can see which companies you might recommend to them.

We’ve designed several banners for our affiliate marketers . You will find them available inside of your affiliate control panel. This is just one of several perks of our affiliate marketing program.

Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

Now that you know how to make money with affiliate marketing, why not get started with earning additional income from your website? Visit the ServerMania affiliate marketing page. You can get started in minutes. Once you’ve set up an affiliate account, you’ll receive a personalized affiliate link. Simply place that link somewhere on your website – as text or visual banner – and when one of your visitors clicks on it and completes a purchase with ServerMania, you’ll receive a commission, after a 60 day waiting period, with no minimum payout.