High-Performance Servers

Professional hosting solutions offer you high performing servers, tailored to handle grueling online tasks.

When your business starts to grow, you may find yourself running out of storage and your network may begin to struggle. This can result in poor performance and an unhappy user base.

Issues such as loading time are very critical if you intend to maximize the profits that you churn out of your website. By switching to a professional host, you will get access to a high performance server that not only suits your growing business but also accommodates it as it continues to grow.

How exactly?

With quality bandwidth and servers expertly designed for performance, you and your users will never worry about poor server performance again.

Fully Customisable Dedicated Servers

If you are you unsure of which server is right for your needs, then you need the help of a professional host.


A professional host provides you with a range of customisable dedicated server choices. This includes instant bare metal, single processors and dual processors, so you can make the final call on what you exactly want.

In some instances, you may need other configurations for optimal performance of your site.

ServerMania allows you to request a custom quote so you always find the perfect for you at the best price.


Whether you own a website or offer a hosting service, when it comes to servers, you want one that is reliable.


A study done by the American technology company, Aberdeen Group, discovered that it only takes four to six seconds of waiting on a slow loading webpage for a customer to become frustrated and click out.

Therefore, the only way you can keep your clients on your website is if it is reliable.

A professional hosting solution gives you a reliable server which not only reduces waiting time significantly but also ensures a quick recovery in case your site goes down since you are the one in control.

This ensures that you keep a satisfied clientele that will build your profits and website traffic.

Security on All Levels

Shared hosting may be a cheap alternative to your server problems, but it has one major issue.

For the benefit of a lower cost, your business may be left highly vulnerable to hacking and nasty viruses.

To avoid all these security problems, you need the help of a professional host.

You may be wondering, “What exactly will a professional host offer me for security?”

A quality professional host provides you with physical security, account protection, network security and server monitoring, all the way down to intrusion detection for your private applications.

With so much security and protection, you will have peace of mind knowing your data and applications are safe.

Affordability for Every Business

A great concern for those looking at getting their own server is affordability. A good professional host understands these concerns and can offer you a range of affordable solutions to suit your needs.

You can choose from simple hardware to the latest high-quality servers, as long as the hosting solution you have chosen suits your budget. Additionally, you can customize your server. This means that you can choose what features you require and can afford.

Complete Customer Support

Running your own dedicated servers needs the help of professionals who can do troubleshooting and maintain the server for you. Instead of putting this weight on your own staff, a professional hosting solution comes with a complete support package.

Professional hosts have highly trained industry staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are always ready to answer any questions you have, no matter how big or small they are. And since they know their stuff, they’ll give you a solution as quickly as possible.

How quick is quick?

Well, the best hosting sites boast of a response time of just under 15 minutes, which is some of the best response times you can get in the industry. They even have a multilingual staff base, so they can help you anywhere in the world.

Wrapping up on Professional Hosting

With many fantastic benefits, deciding on whether to get a professionally hosted server has never been easier.

Improve your business’s popularity and performance by contacting a server professional today.