1. Accelerate Set Up Time

If you have been using an on-premises server environment for your business server, you will realize the investment of time required to:

  • Rack and stack the hardware
  • Establish the telecommunications connectivity
  • Configure the environment,
  • Install the required web server and database software
  • Deploy your application or content management software

With cloud server hosting services, many of these steps can be provisioned quickly, with next to zero chance of error. Instead of tasking yourself, or your employees with these steps with a dedicated server, you can access web services within minutes, and provide your employees, customers, partners or suppliers the information they need much faster.

2. Offload Maintenance Responsibilities

Have you ever considered the time it takes to maintain your own network computing infrastructure, relative to the other projects you could be pursuing, clients you could be serving, or business objectives you could be pursuing? Contracting for cloud services provides you with peace of mind that your technology is being monitored around the clock, your data will be available when required, while allowing you to invest your time in addressing strategic, high value business responsibilities.

3. Access a Reliable, Stable Data Infrastructure

Estimating the amount of computing capacity, bandwidth utilization and storage requirements you will need in the future is difficult when you first begin a business or implement a new business system. Cloud server hosting offers growing businesses scalable services, so you can increase capacity as you require them. A clearly worded Service Level Agreement, guaranteeing 100% up-time ensures your data and/or content will be available where and when it is needed. Instead of having to provision your own backup systems, these services are bundled in, providing additional safety for your data.

4. Innovative Data Hosting Platforms, without the Management Overhead

You may have heard about the benefits of hosting your website or business applications on a Linux operating system, the flexibility of an open source web stack, or the innovative technical benefits of running applications on Linux. Despite the many benefits of Linux environments, you might not have the in-house talent to manage Linux servers.

Or, on the other side of the coin, you may have a company with a need to run Windows applications, but not have IT staff with the means to manage IIS, SQL Server 2012 or related .NET based applications. By contracting cloud servers, you can have fully managed environments, with all of the redundancy and security you would want if you were setting up your own data center infrastructure. If you have a team of remote employees who need access to your data, cloud server hosting provides secure, reliable connectivity with out the high costs of owned servers and the associated connectivity.

5. Collaborate Globally with Devices of Your Choosing

Your business may be small, though the cloud can expand the scope of your customer base exponentially. Deploying applications or content on cloud servers can be mirrored in multiple data centers to reduce latency, or have local redundancy. Cloud applications provide the accessibility to your data via laptops, smartphones and/or tablets, ideally if designed with HTML5 standards in mind, or with other Content Management Systems or languages such as JavaScript or C++.

6. Open Source Applications, Delivered as a Service

As with the Linux operating system, the benefits of open source platforms, such as the Moodle eLearning platform, are out of reach because small businesses don’t always have the skills to manage them. Server Mania provides open source database applications, and other solutions which makes technology work for your business, not the other way around.

Cloud server hosting helps you reap the benefits of the cloud, without all the work associated with running the infrastructure yourself. Instead of wasting hardware capacity, we optimize physical and virtual hardware for:

  • Scalability to respond to elasticity of demand, growing as your business requires more capacity
  • Security and protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks
  • We take care of upgrading infrastructure hardware and software, and provide you intuitive administrative controls for the application layer

Beyond the management of the core technology, businesses need help complying with standards such as PCI, without having to dedicate a l0t of employee hours to understanding what the regulatory requirements are. Beyond the on demand technology services we provide, our consultants can take the leg work out of meeting these compliance mandates, and help you keep your mind on running your business.

The ability of cloud server hosting to make information management a predictable operating cost, without the significant capital expense of on premises hardware and software, provides businesses with a great opportunity for business growth. Instead of restricting your team to a local office, with a limited potential market for your products and/or services, cloud services extend your reach to a broader market.

Your employees can access your data:

  • When they need it
  • Where they need it
  • On their device of choice

Further, as your capacity requirements grow, your business momentum doesn’t have to slow for you to build up technology capacity. You can scale within minutes, and get back to business.

Need more proof that cloud server hosting is right for your evolving business? Contact Server Mania today, and we’ll show you how our affordable service options, and awesome support team can provide your business with growth opportunities you never thought possible.