Fast Download Speeds

Dynamic websites usually attract and retain a larger, more demanding visitor pedigree . High page load speed, mobile responsiveness and fast content delivery is taken for granted. If you fail to deliver on these expectations, you could lose a current, or prospective customer for good. Following best practices in terms of image size, compression and use of Content Delivery Networks makes a big difference in beating the latency monster.

Prioritize Quality of Service Over Cost

Choosing a web hosting provider based on price, or just because they are your domain registrar is not a wise choice in today’s market. Tools like cPanel or Plesk make managing your domains and your web content much easier, whether your site is hosted on Linux or Windows platforms. Leveraging cPanel tools like Softaculous can help you deploy CMS apps with ease, and provision technology like SSL certificates with relative ease.

Trying to configure a many of these functions without an administrative hosting console can be extremely difficult for small businesses with limited technical resources. Secure, reliable hosting services with effective support are worth the cost of a service provider that is laser focused on hosting services. You won’t be able to run a high performance, dynamic website on bargain basement hosting services, any more than you can win a NASCAR race in an economy car.

Deploy Personalization Services

Just like when you go to your favorite restaurant, coffee house or clothing store, it’s always nice to be recognized. You know – for your likes, dislikes and such. Same goes for a web presence, like a portal site to manage your home, car or insurance information. Or an employment website which preserves your resume, cover letter and other documents. If you are running an e-commerce website, promoting products to a customer based on their previous purchases is a great idea to make a client feel valued.

Providing a tailored customer experience, which makes them feel understood can be achieved at less cost, and easier in the digital world than in the “bricks and mortar world”. Equipping your website with tools which make your customer feel like you know them, and value your business is very much in reach. Using database driven, membership enabled websites make your website less like a brochure, and more like an electronic extension of your company.

Hire a Web Design Professional

Have you ever heard of the expression “Think it’s expensive to hire a professional? Try hiring an amateur!”?

If your company can afford to pay a professional web developer or designer, do so. Even on a phased basis. Your web presence is often the first impression your prospects will have of your business. Hiring a professional to build your website provides opportunities like:

  • Having a responsive website which is flexible to work well on mobile or desktop devices
  • Equipping your website for higher search engine ranking, fast download speeds and professional delivery of your brand and messaging
  • Enable interactive features like live chat, contact forms, and potential integration with your “back office” accounting or inventory systems for ecommerce site
  • Access web infrastructure which is secure, reliable, and can evolve as your company grows

The decision to outsource the hosting of your website is almost a no-brainer these days. Whether you have a complex site with terabytes of content on a dedicated server, or a relatively small site on shared cloud hosting, partnering with Server Mania takes the guess work out of digital content delivery. You don’t get a second chance on a first impression with your online web presence. Dynamic content separates innovators from imitators – invest in hosting, development and technology which will deliver profitability and customer satisfaction from your online real estate.