What are 10Gbps Dedicated Servers?

10Gbps dedicated servers are servers equipped with a network card capable of transferring data at speeds up to 10 Gigabits per second. These servers are also connected to the public internet using cables, switches, and routers capable of meeting these 10Gbps speeds.

There are 1,000,000,000 bits in a Gigabit, so 10Gbps connections are capable of transferring 10,000,000,000 bits per second (assuming 0% network overhead). Needless to say, that’s a lot of traffic!

How Fast is 10Gbps?

To give you an idea of what tasks you can accomplish with a 10Gbps connection, here are some common scenarios:

FileDownload Time
Linux ISO – 2GB1 second
Standard HD Blu-Ray Movie – 25G22 seconds
Server Backup – 200GB2 Minutes and 56 Seconds
1TB15 Minutes 1 Second
20TB5 Hours, 00 Minutes and 22 Seconds

As you can see 10Gbps servers are exceptionally fast. They can consume 20TB – an amount of bandwidth that meets the bandwidth requirements of most business servers – in just 5 hours, assuming a 10% network overhead and the other 90% of the port being completely maximized.

For businesses that may not need an outrageous amount of data transfer, but need fast speeds and throughput beyond 1Gbps, 10Gbps is the perfect fit with the ability to download a 200GB server backup in just 2 minutes.

Former dial up users might be baffled by the estimated times of 10Gbps connections, seeing how they might still recall the comically long estimations Internet Explorer would give a decade or two ago.

Is 10Gbps the fastest port speed available?

No, we offer other high bandwidth servers including 20Gbps, 40Gbps, and 50Gbps port speeds on select servers in some of our locations. Our sales team can discuss these options with you!

What Businesses Benefit Most From 10Gbps Speeds?

While nearly every business can benefit from additional network capacity, there are a few use cases that are especially tailored to 10Gbps Dedicated Servers.

VPN Providers

One of the businesses we find benefiting the most from 10Gbps connections are VPN hosting providers. VPN servers can often have thousands of users tunnelling all of their internet traffic through the dedicated server and this puts a large connection requirement on the server.

While VPN providers may not need speeds exceeding 1Gbps for the entire month, 10Gbps connections provide the capacity when network demands spike. This ensures that users experience the ultimate VPN performance at all times.

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Storage Servers

Depending on the nature of the data being backed up and restored, storage servers with 10Gbps see incredible benefits from this increased network capacity. This added capacity greatly decreases storage backup times.

Let’s say you’re backing up 10 Dedicated Servers, each on a 1Gbps connection and connected to a 1Gbps storage server. These servers all need to share the 1Gbps connection to the storage server at various times during the backup process, slowing down backups.

With a 10Gbps connection, this provides the necessary bandwidth so these servers can backup at nearly full speed. This is especially important when doing a bare-metal restore to a server. You don’t want to be waiting hours to restore data while the server is offline.

Big Data and Analytics

If your company is leveraging big data and analytics processing, you know how large the data sets can become over time. Some businesses collect terabytes of data each day. That’s why 10Gbps connections are the perfect fit for these use cases. 10Gbps servers allow large chunks of data to be transferred in no time, saving time and making data processing operations more efficient.

IPTV and Media Streaming

Audio and video streaming can consume an extensive amount of bandwidth depending on how many devices are streaming content from the server. It can also take up a large amount of throughput as well and many servers become congested with a traditional 1Gbps connection. This makes unmetered 10Gbps servers the perfect option for IPTV and media streaming as businesses can keep costs managed without sacrificing on network performance.

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As you can see, the applications for 10Gbps servers are limitless. Some other popular use cases include:

  • Content Delivery Networks: When you’re distributing content to a global audience, you need a server solution that won’t become congested with thousands of users are accessing content at once.
  • High traffic Websites: Especially for websites where users download files, a server with adequate bandwidth and throughput is essential.
  • CryptoCurrency Markets: Low latency and high bandwidth limits are essential to maintaining a robust cryptocurrency market used in mining.
  • Government Agencies: Many government departments experience a surge in traffic at critical times during the year and a 10Gbps servers can help maintain connectivity even during extremely high traffic levels.
  • Web Hosting Providers: 10Gbps is a great selling feature for clients and not something that many data centers offer.
  • File sharing: With the increase in residential internet speeds, 10Gbps servers allow you to share and download files at the fastest available speeds. This is especially important when multiple users may be downloading files at the same time.
  • Remote Windows work stations: If your workstation has multiple CAL’s then you need a server that can support the internet activities of all active users.

How Much Do 10Gbps Servers Cost?

Complete 10Gbps server pricing can be found on our dedicated servers product page. Prices for unmetered 10Gbps connections range from $695/month for a E3-1270v6 up to $1049/month for a Dual E5-2650v4.  These prices are subject to fluctuate depending on stock availability.

We also offer 20Gbps on supported servers for an additional $700 per month. As well, we have 40Gbps and 50Gbps connections available if you contact our sales team.

Every project that requires a 10Gbps dedicated server is unique, so we encourage you to book a server consultation. We’ll sit down with you and listen to your goals in order to prepare a no-obligation, customized quote for you. This is the best way to not only receive the best server, but also get the best value for your budget.

Which Servers Support 10Gbps Connections?

Not every server has the hardware capable of supporting 10Gbps and 20Gbps network connections.

The Intel E3-1270v6 is one of our most popular configurations for deploying 10Gbps servers. Other 10Gbps servers include:

  • Xeon Silver 4210
  • Xeon E-2146G
  • Dual E5-2650v4

10Gbps servers are available in our Los Angeles, London, and New York City Metro data centers.

In order to maximize the performance of the 10Gbps connection, SSD, NVMe, or RAID-10 configured drives will ensure that the network speed is not limited by the disk I/O performance.

Do you offer speeds higher than 10Gbps?

We offer 10Gbps, 20Gbps, 40Gbps, and 50Gbps port speeds in select locations. Please contact our sales team to receive a quote!

How Do I Order A 10Gbps Server?

Are you ready to experience the lightning fast speed and performance of 10Gbps servers? Visit our Dedicated Servers page to view currently inventory or book a free consultation today and we will work with you to empower your business with the latest server technology to achieve your business goals.