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How to Design Killer Landing Pages

landing-page-roiYou’ve worked hard (or paid big bucks) to build an innovative, content rich website. You are happy with the ways you can:

  • Showcase your brand across all devices
  • Deliver your company’s unique value proposition
  • Partner with a reliable, secure hosting provider to ensure your website’s availability and security
  • Gather statistics on where your visitors travel throughout your website, and track against goals on key pages or activities like contact forms
  • Create compelling calls to action from blogs and infographic content to convert browsers to buyers

Once you have a great website in place, you will want to continue the momentum and add some compelling landing pages. It could be a page which is linked to a social media post, a YouTube video or an e-mail marketing campaign. You don’t want a bland, “Hey, you’re here, why not buy something?” page, but a “OMG! Thanks for dropping by, where have you been? Here’s why you should buy that thing which piqued your interest now” page!

Here are three ways you can create a website landing page that rocks!

1. Make it Speak to a Unique Visitor

Do you have three, maybe four profiles of an ideal customer? Instead of having a single page which links to a single e-mail marketing campaign, consider investing additional time to create a unique message for each segment of your target market. Variations can include:

  • The prospect’s role in their organization for B2B prospects, or even for a large B2C purchase. (Just consider their role in their “family organization”)
  • Content which reflects previous purchasing behaviors
  • If done with tact, demographic factors like age, gender or cultural bias if it is relevant

If you create landing pages with tailored content, be sure to set goals in Google Analytics to track visitor behaviors, such as whether they bounce off your landing page, download a whitepaper or watch a video. If your pages aren’t resonating, make it as an A/B test lesson learned and change your page for the next time.

2. Keep the Conversation on Topic

Let’s say someone found your innovative, mobile responsive website up on their search engine of choice. Whether they clicked on a paid link, or found some organic content, you want to make sure your visitor is glad they found your website. If they’re coming from Facebook, or maybe Instagram, you might want to consider the type of customer which uses a specific social media channel. They might be very visual, and serving up a detailed page might not work for that customer. An infographic might be better.

On the other hand, if a customer responded to an offer for an eBook or technical whitepaper, you don’t want to distract your visitor from getting what they want. A clean, simple landing page, with a clear message to your client about what you want them to do is vital. Having a consistent message from where a visitor comes from, to your landing page and keeping on topic will increase conversions. If you sent your campaign responder to your home page, they wouldn’t know what to do, as there is no context to follow.

3. Create Urgency, Emotion and Motivation

You came to the Server Mania website either because you recognized the value of a hosting company which provides a reliable, secure environment for your website as a prospective client, or an existing client. You may have tried hosting your website yourself and had difficulty in managing it yourself, or you may be unsatisfied with the level of service you are getting from your existing provider.

Consider the emotions or motivations you feel from the following statements:

  • Server Mania offers an industry leading, 100 percent uptime SLA guarantee – Makes you feel confident!
  • Our skilled Support Fleet has some of the quickest response times in the industry – Great Support and 100 percent SLA? Wow, where do I sign, right?
  • Our Dedicated Server hosting is available with Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and Backup Services. Makes you feel protected right? Safety, support and a 100 percent SLA are a great combination, and many of our customers tell us these factors were primary motivators when they chose Server Mania as their web hosting services provider.
  • Server Mania has data centers across the U.S. which are equipped with the people, processes and technology which ensure your content is available to your customers where, when and how they need it. We ensure their data confidentiality is preserved. (Does that sound like a hosting company you’d want to contract with? You bet!)

A landing page, or series of landing pages, which are linked to your digital marketing activities can make a big difference to the return you get from your inbound marketing investment. Once you have captured the interest of a prospective customer, make sure they know:

  • You understand their needs
  • You are equipped to deliver the value they need
  • If they take the action you recommend, the time, money and effort to engage with your company will be well spent.

Looking for more ways to optimize your web presence through quality of service and secure information delivery? Contact the Server Mania team today!


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Announcing the Server Mania Knowledge Base

At Server Mania, we’re extremely proud of our Support Fleet. So proud, we don’t call them a Support Team, Support Department, or even a Support Crew. You have to be extremely effective at your job to be called a Fleet. To sustain the rapid growth of our service offerings, upgraded hardware, and new data centers across the USA, we have just deployed our all-new self service Knowledge Base  web resource.

If you are a long time Server Mania customer, and have become fond and accustomed to the friendly, efficient service provided by our Support Fleet, don’t worry. They will still be available to serve you. Our Knowledge Base puts information at your fingertips, and quickly access the information you need by:

  • Access to articles about best practices and step by step instructions with helpful screen captures on how to get things done
  • Clear answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our services. You can even vote for answers you think are really effective, or nominate Q’s and A’s we should post
  • With a single mouse click, get in contact with our Support Fleet experts

Like any great Knowledge Base, the Server Mania KB:

  • Has awesome search capability
  • Is broken down into topic categories
  • Is Mobile friendly
  • Will evolve into an even more valuable customer resource based on customer feedback
  • Contains a great deal of the technical knowledge of our Support Fleet, but even Server Mania can never host all of it online

We have recently rolled out a number of content improvements to our website to serve our customers, partners and prospective clients better. If you are considering a new hosting provider, or expanding your service with our company, we would be very interested in hearing from you. The Server Mania Knowledge base is a big step in the direction of continuing to improve our level of service.

Web self service is a fast, effective and reliable way to equip your customers with the information they need, when and where they need it.

Do you have a topic you’d like to see covered in a Knowledge Base Article, Q&A post or on our blog?

Tell us about it!


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4 Ways to Build a Website with Dynamic Content

dynamic_contentBuilding a website with engaging, dynamic content is part art, part science, and usually requires a decent amount of technology savviness. A static, promotional website with stale content doesn’t tend to generate the sort of authority needed to keep visitors coming back.

Some key attributes of innovative websites with dynamic content include:

  • Member logins and passwords, for role based access to specialized content or access to personal data such as personalized pricing or recommended products. Member portals require higher levels of security, such as SSL encryption
  • Interactive features like forums, online chat or forms
  • Gateways for payments, or secure access to online games
  • e-commerce shopping carts, catalogs and search functionality
  • Widgets for feeds like Twitter, WordPress, Facebook or YouTube

Here are four ways you can ensure your web presence can deliver dynamic content, which will keep your traffic numbers high, and build a loyal following for your hosted website.

Fast Download Speeds

Dynamic websites usually attract and retain a larger, more demanding visitor pedigree . High page load speed, mobile responsiveness and fast content delivery is taken for granted. If you fail to deliver on these expectations, you could lose a current, or prospective customer for good. Following best practices in terms of image size, compression and use of Content Delivery Networks makes a big difference in beating the latency monster.

Prioritize Quality of Service Over Cost

Choosing a web hosting provider based on price, or just because they are your domain registrar is not a wise choice in today’s market. Tools like cPanel or Plesk make managing your domains and your web content much easier, whether your site is hosted on Linux or Windows platforms. Leveraging cPanel tools like Softaculous can help you deploy CMS apps with ease, and provision technology like SSL certificates with relative ease.

Trying to configure a many of these functions without an administrative hosting console can be extremely difficult for small businesses with limited technical resources. Secure, reliable hosting services with effective support are worth the cost of a service provider that is laser focused on hosting services. You won’t be able to run a high performance, dynamic website on bargain basement hosting services, any more than you can win a NASCAR race in an economy car.


Deploy Personalization Services

Just like when you go to your favorite restaurant, coffee house or clothing store, it’s always nice to be recognized. You know – for your likes, dislikes and such. Same goes for a web presence, like a portal site to manage your home, car or insurance information. Or an employment website which preserves your resume, cover letter and other documents. If you are running an e-commerce website, promoting products to a customer based on their previous purchases is a great idea to make a client feel valued.

Providing a tailored customer experience, which makes them feel understood can be achieved at less cost, and easier in the digital world than in the “bricks and mortar world”. Equipping your website with tools which make your customer feel like you know them, and value your business is very much in reach. Using database driven, membership enabled websites make your website less like a brochure, and more like an electronic extension of your company.

Hire a Web Design Professional

Have you ever heard of the expression “Think it’s expensive to hire a professional? Try hiring an amateur!”?

If your company can afford to pay a professional web developer or designer, do so. Even on a phased basis. Your web presence is often the first impression your prospects will have of your business. Hiring a professional to build your website provides opportunities like:

  • Having a responsive website which is flexible to work well on mobile or desktop devices
  • Equipping your website for higher search engine ranking, fast download speeds and professional delivery of your brand and messaging
  • Enable interactive features like live chat, contact forms, and potential integration with your “back office” accounting or inventory systems for ecommerce site
  • Access web infrastructure which is secure, reliable, and can evolve as your company grows

The decision to outsource the hosting of your website is almost a no-brainer these days. Whether you have a complex site with terabytes of content on a dedicated server, or a relatively small site on shared cloud hosting, partnering with Server Mania takes the guess work out of digital content delivery. You don’t get a second chance on a first impression with your online web presence. Dynamic content separates innovators from imitators – invest in hosting, development and technology which will deliver profitability and customer satisfaction from your online real estate.

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How to Select the Best CMS for Your Hosted Website

cmsMost inbound marketing or web design experts would agree, you are way better off building a hosted website on a web content management system than custom coding. When you’re outsourcing your web hosting, a CMS can ensure your web content has some structure around it, both for importing it into the root of your web hosting system, but also for exporting the site to a new hosting provider if need be.

There are many other advantages to using an open-source or licensed CMS for your website, including:

  • Templates and themes for consistent design and navigation
  • Functions for tagging and linking your web pages or SEO value
  • Galleries for sorting and managing images and videos
  • Plugins for social sharing, analytics engines and content delivery networks
  • Support of CSS, .NET, PHP, HTML5 or JavaScript development for mobile responsive design, and advanced functionality
  • Ease of upgrading your site for compliance with security and accessibility standards

If you are a web designer or digital agency, you likely have a handful of CMS applications which you rely on, and either you choose to use a platform you clients can use to update their website on, or which enables your firm to maintain sites on a retainer basis. Either way, as an agency, you are doing your clients a favor by choosing a CMS platform which will evolve and scale over the long term.

Here are some key considerations when choosing a CMS application for hosted websites:

Web Content Manageability

The era of web designers owning total responsibility for all web content is long over. The need for fresh well written content requires the skill sets of many disciplines – including writers, graphic designers, product managers, and other line of business professionals. Web developers don’t need to fear for their roles when a CMS is adopted, as the best ones are highly customizable and configurable.

If your organization needs to place a lot of the onus of content management into the hands of non-technical staff, you want a CMS which is easy to use, and offers a familiar user experience to apps your team is used to.

Some CMS solutions which are especially LOB user friendly (but innovative enough for web developers) include:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Sitefinity
  • Kentico

These platforms are web hosting provider friendly, and their publishers provide a lot of documentation to facilitate installation in cloud or virtual server environments.

Content Purpose, Analytics and Volume

If you have built a website as a static brochure site, or purely for promotional purposes as a channel for clients to find and contact you, a simple, open source CMS can deliver a lot of value quickly. If your requirements extend into functional areas like e-commerce, large volumes of dynamic content and multiple languages, the sophistication of your CMS needs to step up as well.

If you want to track the effectiveness, suitability and popularity of your content, a CMS platform with embedded or available reporting tools is your best bet. At a minimum, you want to be easily embed your Google Analytics tracking code, or on the other end of the spectrum, there’s Adobe Experience Manager or Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud offer deep analytics.

The ability to ramp your website up in terms of web content volume needs to be considered, both in terms of ease of publishing and capacity needs to be considered. Many open source database enabled CMS products have nearly infinite scaling capacity, but striking the balance with ease of use needs to be considered.

The ability to connect your web content with other systems in your business, such as CRM apps, e-mail marketing tools and marketing automation platforms is another area which needs to be evaluated which evaluating your web publishing platform.

SEO, Shareability and Mobility

Discoverability, ease of posting content to social channels, and mobile responsiveness are inevitable considerations of the platform which is the best fit for your needs. You want to make your website rank high for your most important keywords.

Once your target audience finds your site and likes it, you want them to easily share it with their peers. You might have selected specific social channels you are sharing your content into, however when your ideal prospect is sharing it too, the content can get more traction, and build your authority.

Finally, making your website responsive for tablets and smartphones is often table stakes in many industries. Ensuring your hosted website is built on a mobile friendly CMS can be the difference between your company reaping the rewards of making a wise CMS choice for your company, or making a choice based on the wrong criteria.

What CMS has your company, or digital agency implemented for your web presence? Are you considering a migration to a new hosted CMS platform? Tell us about your successes, struggles or failures in the comments section below.

For help in determining the best hosted content management platform for your business, contact Server Mania today!

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How Hosting Your Data in The Cloud Can Be More Secure than In-House

hosting securityDespite the many advantages of the cloud for businesses (not just large enterprises, but small and medium businesses as well) security is the chasm which has defied many companies from migrating their data away from their premises. The perception of risk sometimes seems justified when a high profile security breach takes place. Yet if you look at many of these hacker events, the fact remains that most of these events target companies for whom managing servers and data isn’t their core business.

Securing Inside the Firewall

Another common trend in information breaches is that many data loss events are often the result of the actions of internal employees, not necessarily from external hackers. Creating safeguards and policies inside your firewall is usually just as important, if not more so than where the “data at rest” is located.

In some cases there are inside purposeful breaches, or in others a computer is lost, or a mobile device. These are events where the cloud can mitigate, not accelerate the damage done by the breach. You can lock down user account access and “brick” devices, preventing them from being able to access cloud hosted databases. Cloud hosting makes data available anywhere, so the need for portable media is drastically reduced.

Constant Vigilance, Rapid Response

Cloud hosting providers like Server Mania have Network Operations Centers (NOC’s) in data centers with best-in-class security including:

  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Vulnerability Management systems at the perimeter of the network
  • Regular penetration tests
  • Multi-layer physical security defenses
  • Security Event Monitoring system
  • DDoS protection systems
  • Malware protection systems

To a small business owner, all of these layers and forms of security technology seem overwhelming, or maybe even redundant. Yet, instead of trying to figure out what systems and/or services are most suitable for your systems, shifting your data management entirely to a hosting service provider can take the guesswork out of how to ensure your data is protected.

Do a Gut Check on Your Security Posture

If a data breach were to occur today, would you know how to mediate it, or even know that it had occurred? Server Mania’s NOC alerts us to any attempted penetration of our network, and we have people, processes and technology in place to make sure your information is safe.

If you are a visual person, check out this Cyber Threat Map to see how many attacks occur around the world in a single day. Many threats come from overseas, targeting businesses who underestimate the risk their data is at. As well as attempts at compromising your network, businesses should also consider the ramifications of a power outage or telecommunications failure in their area.

Hosted web applications and Database as a Service offers redundant power supply and telecommunications infrastructure, which for a small business could be crippling financially. Dedicated backup servers which are complex and expensive for businesses to deploy on their own can be provisioned in our data centre without operation.

Making Technology Work for Your Business

If providing web based services is vital to your business, but isn’t your business exactly, the opportunity to outsource hosting can reduce costs and improve your operating margins. Further, service performance for companies like game server hosting, foreign currency traders or digital media providers can focus on meeting your customer satisfaction objectives, as we deliver their content securely and at the speed which will keep them coming back for more.

Our infrastructure and services have been certified against the most thorough industry standards such as PCI, SSA16 and SAS70. Our Support Fleet constantly rises to the occasion to ensure your content is available when you need it.

If the news of the latest retail or financial services industry data breach is keeping you awake at night, or if a recent power outage is raising your stress levels, contact Server Mania today.


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How to Transform Your Website from Brochureware to 24-7 Business Concierge

The focus on digital marketing over the past several years has been on these primary focus areas:

1. Search Engine Optimization or Discoverability
2. Mobile responsiveness or mobile friendliness
3. Social media sharing tools
4. Quantity and quality of fresh, authority creating content
5. Client engagement, lead capture and the “stickiness” of your pages

cncrg2All of these topics will continue to be top of mind, as a company’s web presence is evolving to be a the “channel of first impression” when a B2B or B2C prospect is looking for products or services. A simple, static website hosted by a domain name registrar just won’t cut it in 2015.

If you are looking to get better return on your web investment, here are five ways to deliver more online value, and create efficiencies and benefits offline as well.

1. Add a Human Side to Your Website

If you have a customer service team who spend many hours standing by the phones, or Inside Sales reps hunting for leads, consider live chat, “Call Me” or buttons for video conferencing apps like Google Hangouts. If a customer is on your digital storefront already,  helping them to find the information they are looking for, or putting the content in the proper context is much easier than over the telephone.

Once you’ve “broken the ice” with an online conversation, you can shift the relationship offline, once an opportunity is further down the pipeline. Fielding suspects and prospects online via teleweb tools is less expensive on a per conversation basis, and training customers to better navigate your website can be priceless.

2. Web Self Service and Integrated Applications

Even without the guidance of a sales or service agent, your website can be a “virtual concierge” and be integrated with applications such as:

  • Portals for CRM systems such as support ticket management, lead capture, event management or marketing
  • Point of sale or inventory systems for e-commerce enabled websites
  • Accounting and Finance applications
  • Third party shipping systems

Modern content management systems such as WordPress, Sitefinity and Drupal can be extended by affordable modules which are secure, quick to deploy and reliable. Giving customers the opportunity to author the data you store about them ensures data quality, and the ability for them to avoid long holding queues can improve customer satisfaction.

3. Mobile Responsiveness and Advertising

Having a smartphone and tablet friendly website is table stakes with a growing segment of the market, and the most popular search engines as well. Google and Bing have recently changed the way ranked pages appear or search engine results pages, so finding ways to appeal to websites, and effective mobile landing pages from mobile ads is vital.

Beyond a static website for small screens, the volume of transactions which take place on portable devices also continues to rise.

4. Dynamic Content and Sharing Tools

A website which is stagnant is like those Tupperware containers in your fridge which might be leftover Chinese food, or your kid’s science fair experiment. You think you might want to consume it some day, but the idea of opening it up and trying it is a bit scary. You want to keeping web content fresh and shareworthy, including:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Product pages
  • Social media posts

Think of your social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook as opportunities to drive your target market to your detailed content, so be sure to keep them fresh and pointing at your website as well.  Digital marketing guru, Jay Baer is famous for his quote “Social media is gasoline, your website is fire”.

5. Invest in a High Performance Web Hosting Environment

You probably knew we’d end up here eventually, but to ensure your clients are happy and confident in interacting with your website, invest in a web hosting provider which offers services which are:

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Stable
  • Scalable for peak times of the day, month and year

Modern websites are database enabled to allow for form submissions, searchable content and are interactive. Entrusting the core of your web presence to Server Mania will ensure your the core of your digital identity is an extension of your brand, not a pale imitation. Our nationwide datacenters are equipped with the latest and greatest hardware, software and monitoring oversight.

Just as Google can be unforgiving of websites which don’t meet their standards, your target market may not return if they find your website is too slow,  doesn’t present well on the device of their choosing, or is limited to static text and images.

Click on our “Let’s Talk” button to connect with our Support fleet about web hosting services which will meet your unique needs. We have Dedicated Server, VPS hosting and Cloud hosting options which are affordably priced, and are contracted under our industry-leading 100 percent Service Level Agreement.

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The Four Ways a Hosting Provider Can Safeguard Your Company’s Reputation

If you are running a small business there are many competing priorities which place demands on your time and energy:

  • Serving your existing clients, and pursuing opportunities with prospects
  • Meeting regulatory requirements for documenting business transactions
  • Delegating tasks to employees
  • Networking within your community and building relationships
  • Evaluating potential suppliers and partners
  • Defining new ways to remain competitive with new product and service offerings

Reputation ProtectionAll these tasks, and many more which are unique to your business take a lot of time, energy and focus. If you have been trying to balance management of web servers in that mix, be it for web hosting, or serving database applications on internal servers on top of these other responsibilities, some part of your business is bound to suffer if your resources are spread too thin.

Here are four ways a web hosting company can not only save you not just the time and expense involved with hosting your data on your premises, but also safeguard and boost your reputation as well:

1. Optimize the Performance of Customer Facing Applications

Have you ever tried to get to the website of a company you rely on, and after ten seconds or so, when their website doesn’t surface on your browser? Your first thought is that the business has closed. Then, maybe they were hacked, or just don’t have the capacity to keep their systems running. Even though it might be a browser conflict, or an internet outage beyond the company’s control, your first instinct is likely to question a company’s integrity.

If you contract with a reliable, experienced hosting company like Server Mania, you can be assured that your web facing applications will be monitored, maintained and be available around the clock, throughout the year. The sole focus of our Support team is keeping data available for our customers, and making the supporting infrastructure behind it as fast, reliable and secure as possible.

2. Keep the Bad Guys Out of Your Data

Hackers, just like many criminals, are very opportunistic for the most part. Though the cyber security headlines are about hacks of large companies causing millions of dollars of damage, or the identity theft of thousands of customer records. Yet small businesses are often targeted by hackers as well, as they are perceived to have more vulnerable security perimeters.

Our hosting network security is certified against some of the strictest industry standards, such as PCI and SAS70 Type II. Our Network Operations Center is standing by to react and block any attempts to bypass our defenses. We also have partnered with RioRey to mitigate against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. By stopping security disasters before they occur, we not only preserve your data and that of your customers, but also the fallout of long lasting damage to your company’s image. We also have redundant power and telecommunication services available with dedicated server plans.

3. Have You Ever Had One of Those Days?

If you have ever been working with your website or database application, and accidentally deleted hours or days of work, it won’t take a lot of convincing to help you appreciate the value of dedicated server backup services. We manage our own backup facility, and you can quickly retrieve a historical copy of your web application yourself, likely before any customer, investor, or employee realizes there was an issue.

Don’t let your customers arrive on your domain and find an “Under Construction” page where your web application should be. Just like with insurance, a seatbelt or a smoke alarm, you never realize how valuable backup services are until you need them. The time it would take you to manually recover your data, and potentially irreparable damage to your reputation which data loss can do makes backup services a bargain at Server Mania prices!

4.  Contracting Web Hosting is Like Having a Tech Savvy Friend

Imagine you are an IT Manager, and your boss opens your door on Tuesday and says, “Simpson, we just acquired another company, and we need to move their Linux systems on to a server we control. You can do that by Friday, right?”

Instead of choking on your sandwich, you can call Server Mania for reliable, stress free Ubuntu services. Even if you are relatively new to Linux, we chose Ubuntu because it is easy to use, stable and reliable. Our Support Fleet can help you make the application transition to our environment fast, without the damage to your image which can occur with data loss. Your clients and executives will be impressed with the seamless data migration, and you will be glad you chose to partner with a hosting partner that is secure and reliable enough to offer a 100 percent uptime SLA.

The Server Mania team knows the value of a company’s reputation as a factor in its short and long term success. The safety and availability of your data and content has a direct impact on our reputation as a hosting services provider. Our data centers across the USA ensure we have the flexibility, security and bandwidth to satisfy the content consumption needs of your clients, employees, partners and investors. We’ll keep your applications running at peak performance, so you’ll share the news of your satisfaction with your business associates.

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Why Web Hosting Support is a Key Factor in Selecting a Service Provider

When evaluating web hosting providers, there are many common factors educated customers use to make a final purchase decision.

  • Monthly service fees
  • Reputation for reliability, security, and performance
  • Variety of service options, such as Dedicated Server, Cloud and Virtual
  • Service availability in their region
  • Value-added options, such as backups, DDoS protection, and administrative consoles, such as cPanel
  • Third party-certifications, and/or validation of expertise

NOC Support RoomBeyond these important characteristics, hosting providers need to be extremely focused on delivering knowledgeable, friendly, fast customer support. Hosting companies can have the most sophisticated technology, and the best data centers in the world, if they aren’t willing to invest in the people to help clients make the best use of their services, they won’t be able to survive in the marketplace.

Reliability and Peace of Mind

If your website, or customer facing application goes down over the weekend, your reputation can be damaged. You may be making changes to your application, or upgrading software when the outage occurs, however you don’t want your clients to experience productivity loss any more than you want to suffer it yourself. Server Mania’s support fleet has received rave reviews from customers, and they have earned every compliment.

Providing fast, knowledgeable advice on deploying your applications and data is table stakes for a hosting service provider. Hosting clients want to have multiple channels to contact their hosting provider including:

  • Online chat
  • Phone
  • e-mail
  • Support tickets
  • Social media

Your hosting provider should be able to provide assistance to both technical and non-technical clients. Getting lost in a bunch of industry jargon is no fun for anyone. You want to focus on your business, and leave the burden of managing the technical details to the hosting provider.

Database Hosting

The value in your hosted database isn’t the application itself, it is the information which resides within the application. You don’t want to regret the decision you make of the company you entrust with your data. Server Mania has expertise with a number of database apps on the Linux and Windows platforms. Just with a great sports team, our support fleet has depth and breadth of experience, ensuring we can deploy and maintain your environment with ease.

Small Business to Enterprise Hosting

Whether your business has contracted with a hosting provider to host a blog, or a cluster of dedicated servers, your services are important to your growing business. Treating small businesses with the same level of urgency as a large company is critical. Our Service Level Agreements are guaranteed at one hundred percent across the board, not just for select clients.

As your business grows, and hosting requirements get more demanding, you want to have a hosting provider that can scale their services up to meet your needs. Our support team can scale your services quickly and easily, without interruption. Your online business web presence is open 24 x 7 x 365, so you want to be sure your hosting company has a support team which can address your needs any time of day or night, all year round.

Supporting Technology Service Professionals

Should professional services be your core business, and offering managed servers or cloud hosting be your goal, establishing a reseller relationship with the right hosting provider could make or break your company’s reputation. When you talk to our support agents, they have the expertise and resources to address your concerns with agility, speed and confidence.

Beyond the responsiveness and skill of support agents, having access to mobile and user friendly monitoring and deployment tools can make you look like a hero to your clients. Having a reliable hosting provider you can depend on, which has certifications such as PCI and SSAE 16 is a lucrative relationship to have in this highly competitive, and rapidly evolving industry.

If you are looking for a hosting provider with unrivalled live support, and effective self-service options, contact Server Mania. We deliver more than just hosting. Server Mania is Hosting Empowered.


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New Dedicated Server Hosting Services from Coast to Coast

Server Mania has been extremely successful over the past several years, and demand for our Dedicated Server hosting services has been particularly high.

To deliver the sort of secure, scalable, high availability services our customers have come to expand, Server Mania is pleased to announce we’ll be expanding our services in data centers across the United States. Our services are expanding to data centers in:

  • New York
  • Dallas
  • San Jose
  • Seattle

These data centers provide the network infrastructure availability,  24x7x365 support and Enterprise-grade security which enables us to provide 100% Service Level Agreements to our customers.

Each of these regional datacenters have their own unique characteristics and advantages:

New York City

nycOur east coast datacenter in New Jersey, just across the bridge from New York City enables Server Mania to provide ultra low latency services to financial services companies. The demand to support high transaction volumes for firms such as foreign exchange traders requires top tier bandwidth and security. Our strategic technology partnerships with hardware, software and services vendors, and the breadth of our expertise has earned the trust of our clients in this region. Expanding our dedicated server hosting portfolio to financial markets, and trading firms in this area is an important step in the evolution of Server Mania.

Our New York data facility meets the demands of New York area business including:

  • Redundant backup power and telecommunications services
  • The highest security for both physical and electronic environments – around the clock, every day of the year
  • Strategically located near airports
  • Equipped with innovative cooling equipment and high density cabinets and cages


dllasThe Server Mania datacenter facilities in Northern Texas will allow us to scale up the level of services we provide to business in industries such as:

  • Advertising, mobile, and digital marketing services providers
  • Mobile, console and online game developers

Our Dallas-Fort Worth facility will provide us with the opportunity to expand our dedicated server offerings to the Central and Southern United States region, as well as the ability to serve clients in Central America. We have also equipped the best possible security safeguards, redundant power and network services to ensure  high availability, data privacy and the level of service you would expect from a top tier hosting provider.

San Jose

SJNorthern California is home to many technology startups and large, established corporations such as Google, Samsung’s North American headquarters and many fast growing Silicon Valley startups. San Jose’s transformation into a key tech hub in Silicon Valley makes the city a great location for Server Mania to expand our dedicated server offerings.

Like our other data centers, our San Jose facility is equipped with the best network connectivity, security and storage equipment. These four combined facilities are ideal for large companies which require VPS delivery from multiple locations.


seaThe northwestern United States is home to corporate giants such as Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon and a number of Seattle e-commerce startups. Our Washington state datacenter also has been equipped with the best bandwidth the state has to offer, high density racks of hardware and multiple layers of physical and digital security. We will also be able to serve clients in western Canada such as Vancouver and Calgary, as well as companies in Asia from this data center.

Seattle is home to a number of mobile application developers and mobile advertising firms, and by expanding our dedicated hosting in this region, we will be able to serve more customers. We have established our Seattle data center in a facility with almost twenty thousand square feet of office and racking space.

Server Mania is proud of how we have been able to provide secure, reliable dedicated server hosting services at affordable prices over the past several years. The expansion of our services across the United States will empower us to deliver services to more clients, not only within the USA, but to customers around the world. If you are looking to partner with a hosting provider with the expertise required to meet the needs of your growing business, contact Server Mania today!

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Intel® Xeon® Processor D-1540 to Increase Performance and Scalability

Cabinets ready to house our new Xeon D-SeriesServer Mania is pleased to announce we’ll soon be providing a new tier of hosting services on the powerful Intel Xeon D-1540 processors. They are guaranteed to provide faster services for clients, while using less power. The D-1500 series is the first Intel Xeon System on a Chip. (SoC)

Keep your eyes (and e-mail inbox) open for further announcements from us on the availability of the new services offering, scheduled to debut before August 15th!

The eight processor D-1540 includes direct integration on the chip to functions such as:

  • I/Os
  • Intel Ethernet
  • Drivers
  • BIOS
  • Firmware

We feel the D-1540 is ideal for cloud server hosting, and our dedicated server hosting services, as they are made for dense, compact form factors. They run with less heat than older Intel processors, and have data security features built in. Other features Intel has paced into their Xeon Processor D family include:

  • Up to 128 GB of Memory
  • Intel virtualization technology built-in
  • Server class Reliablity, Availability and Serviceability (RAS) to ensure your data is there when you need it
  • Intel platform storage extensions

The D-1540, as you will see in the comparison chart below, the D-1540 runs on about half of the power of the E3-1240 and significantly lower than the E5-1620. Bringing servers with these processors into our Server Mania data centers provides us with the opportunity to offer a higher level of service to our clients, and more value.

Intel recommends the Xeon D-1540 be deployed for a variety of workloads, including

  • Dynamic web serving
  • Dedicated web hosting
  • Warm storage
  • Network routing

Check out how the new D-1540 powered servers line compare to the processors powering our existing servers, which are already very reliable, secure and configured for high performance!

Comparison Chart Intel Xeon D-1540 @ 2.00GHz Intel Xeon E5-1620 v2 @ 3.70GHz Intel Xeon E3-1240 v3 @ 3.30GHz
 Data from:
Socket Type FCBGA1667 FCLGA2011 LGA1150
CPU Class Server Server Server
Clockspeed 2.0 GHz 3.7 GHz 3.3 GHz
Turbo Speed Up to 2.6 GHz Up to 3.9 GHz Up to 3.7 GHz
# of Physical Cores 8 (2 logical cores per physical) 4 (2 logical cores per physical) 4 (2 logical cores per physical)
Max TDP 45W 130W 80W
 CPU Mark Rating  11,164  9,507  9,288
# of Samples 6 154 323
Single Thread Rating 1434 1920 2096
CPU Mark 11164 9507 9288

If you are looking for hosting services, stay tuned and make sure you add ServerMania’s newsletter e-mail address to your safe senders list, or if you’re not on our distribution list, you’ll want to be on it as soon as you can! You’ll want to keep informed about the availability of hosting services on these high availability servers!

We’re preparing a contest to offer a select few clients great savings opportunities on pre-orders of our blazing fast, extremely reliable hosting services on the D-1540 platform. Of course, you will also get the excellent support and services ServerMania clients have come to expect when contracting with us.

Intel’s next generation D-1540 processors will only be installed on high end dedicated servers, and we’ll be raising the bar again on hosting services, with our 100 percent Service Level Agreements!

Contact Server Mania today, to get in early on these services, as they are sure to be in high demand!



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